At present various branches of Bharat Vikas Parishad are running over 1,600 permanent projects whose activities are conducted on daily or weekly basis for the benefit of the society. These projects include Divyang Sahayata Centres, Hospitals, Clinics, Physiotherapy Centres, Mobile Vans, Pathology Labs, Ultrasound Centres, Blood Banks, Educational Institutions, Training Centres, Libraries, Reading Rooms, Yoga Training Centres, Sanskar Kendra, Senior Citizens welfare Centres, Mukti Dhams, Legal Cells etc. The permanent projects can be broadly categorized in following areas: 

a) Educational                                             245
b) Medical Care                                          393
c) Aid to Needy                                           319
d) Other Activities of Social Need               643
     Total                                                     1,600

Important Permanant Projects

S. No.PrantEducationMedical CareAid to needyOthersTotalList of Illustrated Projects
01Jammu & Kashmir01020306Acupressure Centre, Ayurvedic Dispensary, Ambulance, Maintenance of Gardens, Marriage Bureaus, Water  Hut at School
 02Himachal Pradesh West11204Divyang Punvarvas Kendra,  Physiotherapy Labs, Clinical Labs, Dispensaries, Oxygen Bank, Sewing Centres, Park Adoption, Water  Huts, Mohabbadpur Village Development (involving adoption of multiple projects),
 03Himachal Pradesh East105253070
 03Punjab North29461869162Divyang Sahayata Kendra, Ambulances, Clinical Labs, Dispensaries, Physiotherapy Centres, Eye Bank,  Oxygen Bank,  Naturopathy Centre, Sewing Centres, Computer Centres, School, Adoption,  Reading Rooms , Caching Centre, Bal Sanskar Kendra, Praud Sanskar Kendra, Park Adoption, Water  Huts
 04Punjab South11158842Ambulances, Sewing Centres,
 05Punjab East21151561112Diagnostic Centre , Clinical Lab,  Homeopathy Dispensary, Water  Huts, Bal Sanskar Kendra,  Sewing Centre, Students Welfare Centres, Mukti Dhams , Blood Donations Centres, BVP Bhavan
 06Haryana North 3341458109Ambulances, Sewing Centres, Clinical Labs, Medical Centres / Dispensaries  - including mobiles, Physiotherapy Centres, Diagnostic Centre, Yoga Kendras, School Adoption, BVP Bhavans
07Haryana South8109532Physiotherapy Centres, Clinical Lab, Dispensaries, Sewing Centres, Mobile Repairs Training Centre,
 08Haryana West325541698Divyang Sahayata Kendra, Ambulance, Clinical Labs, Dispensaries,  Reading Rooms, Sewing Centres, Water  Hut,
 09Delhi North 382518Divyang Sahayata Kendra Divyang Punarvas Kendra,  Ambulances, Sewing Centres, Clinical Labs, Medical Centres / Dispensaries  - including mobile, Physiotherapy Centres, Diagnostic Centre, Yoga Kendra, School Adoption,
10Delhi South275418Ambulance, Eye Operations Project, Sewing Training Centre,  Dispensary,  Physiotherapy Centres,  Mobile Dental  Service, Literacy Classes, Bal Sanskar Kendra, Mahila / Yuva / Yoga Centres, Computer Training Centre
11Delhi East 342312
12Uttrakhand West 101
13Uttrakhand  East 101 
14U.P. West 4382944Dispensaries, Water Huts,  Girls School 
15Rohilkhand3811628Divyang Sahayata Kendra, Dispensaries, Ambulances, Vivekanand Statue & Park, Rain Water Harvesting, Blood donation, Sewing Training Centre, Munshi Premchand Library, Blood Banks, Creation Ground, Ghanta Ghar & Chowk Maintenance
17Braj Pradesh31592350Ultrasound Centre, Oxygen Bank, Creation Ground, Dispensaries, Reading Room, Schools Adoption, Statues of Vivekananda and Bharat Mata, Waiting Room for Travelers, Sewing Training Centre, Water Huts, Mahila Lok Adalat, Village (Nagla Padam) Adoption, Beds Provision,  Viklang Punarvas Centre, Gaushala, Fruits Distribution in Hospitals
19Brahmavart 9511257Divyang Punarvas Kendra, Bal sanskar Kendra, Dispensaries, Schools, Library, Ambulance, Park Maintenance, Yoga Kendra, Water  Huts, Creation Ground, Health Clinic,
20Avadh Pradesh  14771139Divyang Punarvas Kendra, Dispensaries, Schools, Library, Legal Consultation Centre, Senior Citizens Welfare Centre, Water  Huts, Creation Ground
21Kashi Pradesh34819Library, Girls Schools, Oxygen Bank, Dispensaries, Water  Huts, Creation Ground, Health Clinics,
23North Bihar571022
24Koshi Bihar112
24Magadh Bihar33
25South Bihar11931Divyang Sahayata Kendra
26Jharkhand 781622Dispensaries, Dental Clinics, Ekal Vidyalaya, Evening school, Village adoption,  Yoga Centre
27Orissa 186101852Blood grouping & Blood Donors Mission, Bharat Vikas Udyan, Rural Development Projects, Naturopathy Centre, Park Maintenance, Sewing Training Centres, Home for the Elderly, Hospital Beds for Poor, Hearse, Jail Library
28West Bengal, Sikkim, Andaman & Nicobar 6810731Vision Centres, Homeopathy Dispensary, Weekly Eye Camp, Weekly Dental  Camp, School Adoption,  Village Development, Stipend to Students,  Assistance to Widows
29Assam 43310Divyang Sahayata Kendra, Computer Training Center, Computer Training Center, Weaving Training & Production Center, Tailoring Training Center, Ambulance service, Ankan Kendra (Art School), Homeopathy Treatment Center
31Rajasthan North41662753Dispensaries, Water Huts, Maintenance of Parks, Tailoring Training Centres, Schools, Reading Rooms, Cow Sewa, Ambulances, Mukti Dham (Cremation Grounds)
32Rajasthan North East432716
33Rajasthan East122023School Adoption Projects, Ambulance, Mobile Dispensary,  Medicines Bank, Water Huts, Passengers Waiting Room, Creation Grounds Maintenance ,
34Rajasthan South East 443139BVP Hospital & Research Centre, Kota,  Viklang Sahayata Kendra, Ramganj Mandi Hospital, Dispensaries, Yoga Centre,  Ambulances, Pathology Labs,  Free Medicine Centre, Gardens / Parks, Water Huts, Tailoring Training Centre, Mukti Dham (Cremation Grounds)
35Rajasthan West 1175528BVP Diagnostics & Radiology Centre, Jodhpur , Divyang Sahayata Kendra, Pathology Labs, Ambulances, Physiotherapy Centre, Dental Clinic, Medicine Shop, Dispensaries,  Ayurvedic Hospital, Mobile Medical Van, School Building, Garden Maintenance, Water Huts, Goushala,
36Rajasthan Central 283316Reading Room, Sanskrit School, Aurveda Dispensary, Libraries, Water Huts, Physiotherapy Centre, Mobile Vans for Patients, Hearse,  Emergency Medicine Bank, Mukti Dhams 
37Rajasthan South1111343692Coaching Centre, Sanskar Kendra, Sewing Centre, Library, Reading Rooms, Pathology Labs, Dispensaries, Animal Husbandry Camps, Ambulances, Water Huts,
38Madhya Bharat West224Divyang Sahayata Kendra
39Madhya Bharat North 379928Free OPD Centres, Mobile Van, Acupressure Clinic, Yoga Kendra, Garden Maintenance, Water Huts,
40Madhya Bharat South1214
43Gujarat North516Dispensaries
44Gujarat Central181120Divyang Sahayata Kendra
45Maharashtra Kokan831720Dispensaries, Vidya Mandir School (Students: 4,000), School for Mentally Challenged Children, Schools Adoption, Tailoring Training Centre, Free Medicine Centre, Acupressure Centre, Gaushala
46Maharashtra West13`27Divyang Sahayata Kendra
48Telangana4127Divyang Rehabilitation Centre
49Andhra Pradesh1012325
50Karnataka North4149
51Karnataka South213Schools, Govt. Primary School Adoption, Slum Development Project
52Kerala & Lakshadweep11Dispensaries, Tree Plantation, Medical Care of Students  in Schools Supply of Books in Schools, Swami Vivekananda Statue,
53Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry 1113Divyang Rehabilitation Project