I. Status of Work in Progress

1. KOTLA, Dist. Reasi (J & K)

Funds released Rs.4,95,000/-
• Construction of toilets in the school (Two for boys & two for girls separately)
• Repairing of class rooms
• Developing local pond
• Local Govt. through Gram Panchayat has constructed approach road

2. RAMNAGAR: Dist. Gurdaspur (Punjab North)

Funds released Rs.3,75,000/-
• Installing street lighting
• Repairing  class rooms
• Drinking Water system, 
• Toilets and boundary wall of village school 
• Repairing village street roads, drainage system and two new class rooms with Panchayat funds.

3. MEHANDIPUR, Dist. Sonipat (Haryana South)

Funds released Rs.1,26,669/-
• Repairing of Govt. Primary school building
• Building toilet block
• RO Plant for drinking water
• Furniture for students in village school.

4. BHUSIKRITPURWA, Dist. Chandauli (Kashi Prant U.P.)

Funds released Rs.7,25,000/-
• Construction of in-house toilets (36) 
• Repairing of village temple and its surrounding area
• New shed for public at Bus stop
• Constructing two RCC street roads
• Planting of plants at road side
• Solar lamp post (35) installed by the Village Panchayat. 
• Construction of in-house toilets (30)
• Running Sanskar Kendra

5. PAKRI, Dist. Mirzapur (Kashi Prant) (U.P.)

Funds released Rs.8,75,000/-
• In-house toilets (36) since completed and being used with proper maintenance.
• Construction of drainages
• Running Sanskar Kendra to motivate village boys/girls for education and
• Observing awareness program to quit Alcohol/Tobacco

6. HAGWATIPUR, Dist. Madhubani (North Bihar)

Funds released Rs.50000/- as seed money

7. EKPARAHA, Dist. Saharasa (Koshi Bihar)

Funds released Rs.550000/-
• Two new hand pumps installed and existing hand pumps repaired with cemented plate forms around the area for drinking water.
• A deep bore well (160 ft.) with electric motor pump and storage tank for supply of drinking water to SC/ST colony also completed
• One more deep bore well with motor pump and storage tank
• One shed for their cultural activities

8. HITAN PARARI – Dist. Buxer (Magadh Bihar)

Funds released Rs.50,000/- as seed money

9. MANDRO (Jharkhand), Dist. Ranchi (Jharkhand)

Funds released Rs.4,70,000/-
• In-house toilets (16) constructed
• Existing open dug well (6) renovated
• 200 meters Street road constructed
• Medical help (Homeopathy clinic) weekly being provided by our BVP Branch.
• Construction of funeral shed, waiting shed and boundary wall

10. SANKARIGALI, Dist. Devgarh (Jharkhand), Dist. Devgarh (Jharkhand)

Funds released Rs.4,25,000/-
• Hand pumps (6) for drinking water completed
• In-house toilets (6) have also completed.
• Renovation of village temple, cemented front area for Bhajan/Kirtan Mandap in Karondha Ward,
• Development of funeral ground
• Repairing of public plate form in Mushari Ward

11. BARAPALLA, Dist. Nawagarh (Orissa)

Funds released Rs.10,00,000/-
• Drinking water through pipe line to every house,
• Water storage tank
• Ccremation ground,
• Community hall,
• Street light on street roads
• Sewing machine centre
• Gram Panchayat
• Constructed in-house toilets (58)
• Bore well for irrigation
• Program for alcohol free village being is observed by our BVP Branch.
• Bridge crossing river on approach road to the village constructed by Govt..

12. TALPADAR - Dist. Sambalpur (ORISSA)

Funds released Rs.50,000/-
• Five solar lamps for street light
• Revised action plan under examination

13. SINGAWAL:- Dist. Ajmer (Rajasthan Central)

Funds released Rs.9,11,160/-
• In-house toilets (36)
• Planting of plants with tree guards
• Cemented street roads for entire village area.
• Project of drinking water it is informed that electric motor in open dug well has been installed for supply of water through pipe line.
• Renovation of school building

14. BHILUDI - Dist. Dungarpur (Rajasthan South)

Funds released Rs.12,75,000/-
• In-house toilets cum bathrooms
• Toilets block in school, playground and bore well with water storage tank for drinking water in school premises
• Tin shed at Bus stop
• Gobar (Cow dung) gas plants (27) helping the families to get cooking gas and fertilizer at their own houses

15. GHANTA KA GAON - Dist. Dungarpur (Rajasthan South)

Funds released Rs.5,75,000/
• Construction of cremation ground and plantation around
• Project of drinking water for the nearby tribal colony and to the school by construction of water storage tank.
• Four water storage tanks have also provided for village animals.
• School Building and its class rooms renovated and Tin Shed in front of school building constructed for school function.

16. GOPALPURA/KALUPURA - Dist. Chittorgarh (Rajasthan East)

Funds released Rs.10,25,000/-
• Drinking water through pipe line to 150 houses in Gopalpura and Kalupura.
• Plantation on approach road side
• Toilets project is being undertaken
• Established Angan Wadi Kendra for children
• Connecting main road with village being built with CSR funds of approximately Rs.80/- lacs.
• Gram Panchayat is also constructing CC street roads of village with their funds

17. SHREEPURA, Bundi ( Rajasthan South East)

Funds released Rs.3,75,000/-
• One deep bore well constructed
• Aproach road up to cremation ground repaired
• Plantation with tree guards (100)
• Boundary wall (1170 sq. ft.) and one ramp in Govt. School constructed
• Developed boundary wall of existing pond ) being undertaken by the Gram Panchayat
• Construction of drainages and street roads in the village
• Construction of Shed on cremation ground and Bus Stand,
• 5 Nos. toilets for disabled persons

18. FARIDSAR, Dist. Ganganagar (Rajasthan North)

Funds released Rs.1,68,338/
• Construction of one pakka room
• Supply of books to the school children
• Aqua guard unit (drinking water) in the school,
• Health checkup camps,
• One wheel chair to a Disable person
• Construction of one class room and one water storage tank in Govt. School
• Waiting shed at Bus stop,
• 25 Nos. Fruit plants with tree guards.
• Renovation of school kitchen,
• Water harvesting plan
• Bore well and water supply unit

19. ALIGARH, Dist. Dhaulpur (Rajasthan East)

Funds released Rs.73,313/-
• Dustbins provided in seven blocks.
• Repairing of existing drainages.
• All street roads converted in CC roads by the Gram Panchayat worth Rs.10/-lacs.
• One water cooler is provided in the school by BVP Br. with the help of some donors.
• Electric lamps for street poles are also provided by the branch.

20. PAUSRA - Dist. Katni (Vindhya Prant) (M.P.)

Funds released Rs.1,50,000/-
• Constructed shade in cremation ground and plantation
• Sewing centre of ladies,
• Library in school premises
• Construction of school wire fencing boundary and gate
• Water Filters (40) distributed to the villagers
• Weekly medical help being provided

21. MACHHRIYA, Dist. Mandla (Mahakaushal Prant) M.P.

Funds released Rs.50,000/-

22. LASUDIYA CHHATRADHAR, Dist. Dewas (M. B. West Prant) M.P.

Funds released Rs.88,659/-
• Dustbin provided in two blocks and pavers in Govt. primary school ground
• Construction of shed in Cremation ground and chaupal

23. SITARAM KI LAWAN, Dist. Bhind (M. B. North)

Funds released Rs.2,75,000/-
• In-house toilets in 21 houses to make the village as ODF (toilet in each house)
• CC street roads constructed by the Gram Panchayat with their own fund.
• It is reported that further development work is being taken over by the Gram Panchayat. Hence we propose to close our development activities after receiving opinion of our BVP Branch.

24. MAHATREWADI, Taluka Badanapur, Dist. Jalna

Funds released Rs.50,000/- as seed money to start development work as per plan.

25. CHOUKI & NAVARMARI – Tehsil Hingana, Dist. Nagpur (Vidarbha Prant)

Funds released Rs.50,000/- as seed money to start development work as per plan. 

26. PANDIRI MALIND KOTA - Dist. East Godawari (Andhra Pradesh)

Funds released Rs.50,000/-
• Village development committee since formed.
• Fruit plantation during rainy season and cleanliness of village temple by villagers under guidance of our BVP members is going on.
• We are following up to start development work as per plan.

27. SINGALORE, Dist. Krishna (Andhra Pradesh)

Funds released Rs.50,000/-
• ATM type RO Drinking water plant installed
• Statue of Swami Vivekanand,
• Room for dental clinic
• Small park
• Cemented street roads
• Books/stationery/ school dress and medical help to school children
• Three Self Help Groups of ladies in the village are also functioning well and village is now become 100% school going children village and dental problem free village.

28. CHINCHKHANDI (KD), Taluqa Mudhol, Dist. Bagalkot (Karnataka North)

Funds released Rs.75,000/-
• Underground drainage completed
• Underground drainage pipe line in two street completed and rest of three street pipe line is under progress.

II. Detailed list of Works Completed in Sample First Five Villages Developed

Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh (2001)

Located at a height of 6500 feet above sea leveI.

Works Taken Up

  • Construction of two rooms in high school
  • Construction of toilet-cum bath rooms in high school
  • Construction of boundary wall of primary school
  • Renovation of class rooms of primary school 
  • Provision of uniforms to 450 students of high school
  • Construct and repair the road from main road to govt. high school
  • Provide complete bedding to 60 seniors
  • A vocational training center in the village
  • White washing/painting of the outer portions of the entire houses in the village
  • Provide dustbins in the streets of the village as well as lake surroundings
  • Construct and repair main streets of the village
  • Provide name of the owner and house number plates to all houses
  • Construct two water tanks for drinking water
  • Tree plantations
  • Construct two toilets in primary school
  • Provide 20 electric street poles with a provision of electric tubes/bulbs
  • Provide school uniforms to 45 children along with shoes and socks to the primary as well as high school students

Dunera, Punjab (2002)

Village with 4500 people, surrounded by 30 smaller villages.

Works Taken Up:

  • Toilet cum bath room complex at bus stand and installation of water hand pump
  • Construction of welcome gates
  • Distribution of Tulsi and rose plants to each household
  • Repair two rooms in the primary school building
  • Construct toilets in the primary school building 
  • Construct one water tank in the primary school
  • Landscaping of school ground and plantation of trees, shrubs and seasonal flower plants
  • White washing of the primary school building 
  • Provide school uniforms, school bags, shoes and socks to the students of the primary school 
  • Construct and repair the existing approach road of the school and provide safety iron railing on both sides of the road 
  • Construct one room in the Senior Secondary School of the village 
  • White wash of the outside portion of houses of the entire village 
  • Repair work of streets and also provision of drainage system
  • Cots and bedding given to 50 out of 100 seniors citizens
  • Repair the existing two rooms of the Sr. Sec. School (windows, doors and floor as well as white washing of the entire building)Develop school  play ground as well as the landscaping 
  • Construct one water tank to provide drinking water to the villagers
  • Provide electric streetlights
  • Provide dustbins in the village
  •  Vocational training center in the village

Sunder Nagar, Uttar Pradesh (2003)





Works Taken Up:

  • Two welcome gates on both sides of the village
  • Name plate on each house (name of the owner and house number)
  • Electric street light points 
  • Tailoring center for girls
  • Construction of play grounds
  • Tulsi and rose plants pots to each house
  • Uniforms to students of Govt. primary/middle school
  • Cots and beds to senior citizens 
  • Construction of lanes and sewers lines of the village
  • Sanitation both in the houses and streets has improved a great deal. No water stagnation
  • White wash, exterior of the houses.
  • Plant trees, shrubs, grass and different types of seasonal flowers
  • Dustbins in the streets to collect garbage
  • Facilities in the previously existing private school have improved a great deal with the help from a local philanthropist. There is an auditorium and a mini-stadium. There is also a stitching and sewing school for girls. All children have uniforms. Girls from the surrounding 10 villages come to this school
  • Govt. school has also been renovated now by the Govt. itself 
  • Upgrading of the village pond (retaining wall and landscaping)
  • Vocational center (sewing, medical and coaching center) and reading room especially for the ladies, students and unemployed folks of the village
  • Improved cremation ground near the village 
  • Upgrading the temple facilities

Eklaspur, Andhra Pradesh (2004)

Water Tank 

Roads repaired and drainage system provided

Works Taken Up

  • 3 water tanks (storing 2000 liters of water) with motors fixed, to ensure water availability round the clock
  • 60 individual toilets 
  • 20 tubes fixed for street electric poles for better lighting 
  • 200 trees planted 
  • Paint exteriors of all houses
  • 5  water soak (recharge) pits to sustain and increase under ground water levels 
  • Every house is provided with a plate with house number and the name of the owner
  • Vocational training center. A sewing center with 3 ordinary and 1 fashion maker sewing machine under the guidance of an expert instructor. Twenty ladies are availing this facility. Two batches have completed the course successfully and living on their own
  • All streets are provided with the names of prominent National/ Spiritual heroes. All such names are prominently displayed at every corner 
  • Two culverts are made for proper water drainage, in order to avoid water stagnation.
  • Welcome arches at the entrance of the village.
  • A medical clinic has been established. A qualified doctor from Narayanpet visits clinic twice a week. An average of 20-25 patients are availing this facility 
  • A reading room provided with regular Telugu newspapers, spiritual and mythology books
  • Bedding kits containing blankets, bed sheets and spread are provided to 120 seniors
  • Awareness campaign for promoting education and preventing disease
  • Sanitation has improved both inside and outside the houses 
  • Road conditions have improved. Roads are already leveled with Morum (red earth). Pucca (permanent) roads still to be done
  • There are drains on the side of roads.   Drains still to be covered with cement slabs 
  • A pair of school uniforms, school bags, shoes, socks and 10 notebooks issued to students
  • Additional work has been completed which is not covered under the project:
  • Renovation of two temples and provision of Bhajan kits in each temple 
  • Provision of sports kits for youth 
  • A community hall to establish clinics, servicing center and other job oriented and  income generating activity 
  • Construction of check dams for proper utility of water for cultivation 
  • Income and employment generating activity

Mohabbatpur, Haryana (2005)

Construction in progress 

Houses have been painted uniformly

Street lights (above) and Sewing School for ladies (below) 

Inauguration of various projects

Works Taken Up

  • Two gates erected 
  • 300 trees planted Sewing school for women 
  • Installed 140 street lights
  • Exteriors of houses painted in uniform colour.
  • Name and number plate to each house
  • Tulsi plants in pots given to each house 
  • 300 sweaters to school children 
  • 20 beds given to seniors 
  • Construction of public and personal toilets 
  • Beautification of ponds 
  • Provision of garbage cans 
  • Cremation grounds upgraded
Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil, President of India, awarded “Nirmal Gram Purskar” to Mohabbatpur village, adopted by Bharat Vikas Parishad, on the 17th October, 2008 on attaining full sanitation coverage in households, schools, anganwadis and for outstanding contribution in promotion of rural sanitation.