Religious Places

  1. Name the temple where Snow takes the shape of ‘Shivaling’ once in a year
    Amarnath (J&K)
  2.  In which State / UT is Vaishno Devi temple located?
     Jammu & Kashmir
  3. Where did Shankaracharya establish a Math in North India?
    Badrinath (Uttarakhand)
  4. In which State is the famous Sikh’s pilgrimage Hemkund  Sahib situated?
  5. In which state is Hazrat Bal Mosque located?
    Jammu – Kashmir
  6. Where is Golden Temple situated?
    Amritsar (Punjab)
  7. In which state is Sarnath situated?
    Uttar Pradesh
  8. Where is the only temple of Brahma situated?
    Pushkar (Rajasthan)
  9. Where is the famous historic Sun Temple dedicated to Sun God situated?
    Konark (Orissa)
  10. Where did Shankaracharya establish a Math in East?
    Puri (Orissa)
  11. Which important three deities have their statues in Jagannath Puri?     
    Jagannath(Sri Krishna), Balbhadra and Subhadra
  12. To which  deity is Kedarnath temple dedicated?
  13. To which deity is Badrinath temple dedicated?
  14. Which is the only temple where Kuber, the Treasurer of the gods is also worshipped?
  15. Which   pious   Math   was   established   in   the   West   by Shankaracharya? 
    Dwarka Dham
  16. Where did Shankaracharya establish the religious math in South India?
  17. Where is the temple of Kali in which Ram Krishna Paramhans held the postition of a priest? 
    Dakshineshvar (Kolkata)
  18. Which is the biggest mosque of India? 
    Jama Masjid (Delhi)
  19. In which state is Palitana temple of  Jains situated ?       
  20. In which state is Somnath temple situated?
  21. In which state is Parsi’s Agni Temple situated?
  22. In which state is holy Gomteshwar Jain temple situated?
  23. Which temple of India gets maximum offerings?
    Tirupati (AP)
  24. On which mountain is the Tirupati temple situated?
  25. To which deity is Tirupati Temple  dedicated?
  26. Where is Vishwanath temple situated?
    Varanasi / Kashi
  27. In which  state is the famous Lingraj temple situated?
  28. In which state is Tarkeshwar Temple situated?
    Dadar and Nagarhaveli
  29. In which state is the Arvind Ashram situated?
  30. In which state is famous Jyotirling ‘Ghushmeshwar‘ situated
  31. Where is Kaila Devi temple situated?
    Karauli, Rajasthan
  32. Where is Shrinath temple situated?
    Nath Dwara (Rajasthan)
  33. In which state is Omkareshwar temple situated?
    Madhya Pradesh
  34. In which state Jambukeshwar temple situated?
    Near Sri Rangam (Tamil Nadu)
  35. Where is the Shakumbhari Devi temple situated?
    Saharanpur (U.P.)
  36. Where is the Vindhya Vasini temple situated?
    Vindhyachal (U.P.)
  37. Where the Pateshwari Devi Temple situated?
    Devi Patan (U.P.)
  38. In which state is the Mallikarjun Swami temple situated?
    Andhra Pradesh
  39. In which state is the Mukheshwar temple situated?
  40. Where is the Kamakhya Devi temple situated?
    Guwahati (Assam)
  41. In which state is the Jwala ji temple situated?
  42. In which state is the Naina Devi temple situated?
  43. In which state is the Kanya Kumari temple situated?
  44. The deity of which god is worshipped in Rameshwaram temple?
    Ramanathan (Shiva)
  45. The deity of which god is worshipped in the temple of Guru Vayur?
    Shri Krishna
  46. The deity of which god is worshipped in the Dharamsthal temple of Karnatak?
    Manjunath (Shiva)
  47. The deity of which god is worshipped in the Sabrimala temple on the western coast of Kerala?
    Swami Ayappan
  48. The deity of which god is worshipped in the Shri Rangam temple near Tiruchi?
    Anantshayanam (Vishnu)
  49. Where is the famous temple of Kartikeyan in South India situated?
    Palani, Tamilnadu
  50. Where is the ashram of Raman Maharshi situated?
    Tiruvanamallai (Tamil Nadu)
  51. Name the place which is the confluence of three oceans and where the sunrise and sunset can be seen at the same spot.
  52. Name the mosque and place where the number of Hindu worshippers is far more than the muslims?
    Babar Masjid, Eromally (Kerala)
  53. Who was the most popular devotee of Vishnu in South India like Meera in North? There is a temple also in her name.        
  54. Name the tribe that lives in East and West of Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh and is characterized by the worship of supreme deity called Moship.
  55. In which district of Arunachal Pradesh do the Heenyan followers of Buddhism, once called kamptis live?
  56. Name the Assamese tribe who has adopted Vaishnavism.
    Mishing (Misi)
  57. The Meiteis inhabititing the plains of Manipur   mostly belong  to which religion?
  58. To  which religious group do the chakmas, a distinct tribe of Mizoram, mainly belong
  59. During the medieval period which place in Assam became a centre
  60. of Tantrik worship?
  61. In which state is Kamakhya temple situated?
  62. Besides Kamakhya, which other peeth (Sacred place) is situated
  63. in Assam?
    Sri Hatta
  64. In which year was the present Kamakhya temple built after the original one was destroyed?
  65. Which temple is situated to the west side of the Kamakhya temple atop Neelanchal Hills in the basement of which there are stone fragments of an earlier temple?
    Ghantakarn Temple
  66. Who is the creator of this universe according to Garo tribe?
    Tatara Rabuga
  67. Name  the  one  supreme God  who  is  considered the creator-
  68. dispenser in Mizoram?     
    U Blei Nongthaw or U Blei Pynlong
  69. Which bird plays an important role in Khasi religion?
  70. What is name given to the priest by Khasis in Meghalaya?
    U Lingdoh
  71. Which state, immediately on entering, brings to your notice the increasing presence of wayside Hindu Shrines dedicated to the divine couple of Krishna and Radha.
  72.  Name the Supreme God of Akas tribe which belong to west Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh. 
  73. Name the supreme god of Nishi tribe which belong to lower Suban Siri district of Arunachal Pradesh.
    Ane Duini ( Sun God)
  74. Where is Ashvakranta temple situated?
    Guwahati (Assam)
  75. The image of which god is placed in Ashvakranta temple?
  76. In which state is Vashistha Ashram situated?
  77. Name the temple situated on the Peacock Island in the midst  of the river Brahmaputra?
    Umanand Temple
  78. In which state is Ugra Tara temple situated?
  79. Atop which hill is the Navgrah temple situated?
  80. Shri Govindjee temple, has the presiding deity in the centre flanked by shrines of Balram and Krishna on one side and Jagannath on the other. In which state is this temple?
  81. Where is the Shiva Dol temple, which is supposed to be highest Shiva temple in India, situated?
  82. In which state are the Buddhist temples, called Gompas, situated?
    Arunachal Pradesh
  83. Name the village of Do Parbatiya having ruins of the oldest temple of Assam, which had collapsed during the earth quake of 1897.
  84. Where did Vishnu kill Jwarasur according to Kalika Purana?
    Manikuta hills
  85. Which is the state in North Eastern region where Lord Krishna married to his consort Rukmini?      
    Arunachal Pradesh