1. Who is the writer of Ramayana?
  2. Which is the other name of Ramayana?                 
    Dashanan Vadh
  3. Which incident hurt Valmiki that he wrote the first shloka of Ramayan?     
    Killing of a Kraunch bird by a hunter
  4. Who inspired Valmiki to write Ramayana?
  5. How many couplets (slokas) are there in Ramayana?
  6. How many chapters are there in Ramyana?
  7. By which name are the chapters of Ramayana known? Kands
  8. How many sub chapters (sargas) are there in Ramayan?
  9. Who founded Ayodhya for the first time?
  10. Ayodhya was the capital of which Janpada?                        
  11. Who was the father of Ikshwaku, the first king of Ayodhya?
  12. Who was the father of king Dashrath?
  13. To which dynasty did king Dashrath belong?
  14. Where was the horse left for Aswamedh yagna by Sagar, ancestor of Ram found?
    In saint Kapil’s monastry.
  15. What happened to 60,000 sons of king Sagar who went to look after the horse left for Aswamedh yagya?
    They were burnt to ash due to saint Kapil’s anger
  16. Who brought back the horse of King Sagar’s Aswamadh yagya?
    Anshuman, the grand son of king Sagar.
  17. What advice was given for the salvation of king Sagar’s sons?
    To bring the Ganges from heaven and pass it through their ashes.
  18. According to Hindu mythology, who brought Ganga on earth? 
  19. Name the king who requested Vashistha for a yagya to send him bodily to the heaven?
  20. Could Trishanku reach heaven bodily? 
    No, he is said to be in the mid-way since then.
  21. The Mantras regarding Putreshti yagna have been taken from which Veda?
    Atharva Veda
  22. Who was kulguru (Royal priest) of King Dashrath?
  23. Who was the Priest (Kulpurohit) of King Dashrath besides Guru Vashistha?
    Vam Dev
  24. Which yagna was performed by king Dashrath to have sons? 
    Putraishthi Yagna
  25. Which item was eaten by wives of king Dashrath after the Putreshti yagya to make them pregnant?       
    Kheer (Payas)
  26. Name the father of Bhagirath, who brought Ganga to earth? 
  27. Who cursed king Dashrath for son’s separation?
    Sharvan Kumar’s parents
  28. Name Kaikayee’s father.
  29. What is the common name of Rishi Kaushik in Ramayana?  
  30. Why Vishwamitra is also known as Kaushik?
    Being grandson of Rishi kush
  31. Which river is also called ‘Jahnavi’? 
  32. What was the name of the place where Vishwamitra was performing his yagya?
    Siddhasram, Baxar (Bihar)
  33. Who accepted to perform this yagya when vashistha refused?  
  34. Who accompanied Vishwamitra in the yagya organised by Maharaj Janak?
     Ram and Lakshman
  35. Vishwamitra brought Ram and Laxman to save his yagya from demons. Name the demons?
    Marich and Subahu
  36. Name the two extraordinary skills given to Ram by Vishwamitra while taking Ram and Laxman with him
    Bala and Atibala
  37. On whose insistance, Dashrath agreed to send Ram and Laxman with Vishwamitra?
    Guru Vashistha
  38. To whom Ram killed first while going to the forest with saint Vishwamitra?
    Demon Tadka
  39. For how many days Ram and Laxman rescued the yagya of Vishwamitra?  
    Six days
  40. Which demon was killed by Ram while rescuing the yagya of Vishwamitra?
  41. What Ram did to mareech?
    Threw him away to a far distance (100 Yojans) with his arrow
  42. Who was Mareech’s mother?
    The demon Tadka
  43. Where did Kushdhwaj, the brother of king Janak rule? Sankakshya
  44. Name the parents of Parshuram .              
    Renuka and Jamadgni
  45. Name the wife of Maharshi Gautam?
  46. Name the father of king Janak?
  47. Name the Guru of king Janak .                    
    Shatanand (Sadanand)
  48. Who gave birth to Sita?
  49. What is the literal meaning of Sita?
    The harrow
  50. Name the lady who had a discussion with Yagyavalkya in the court of King Janak.
  51. Who is known as Vaidehi (Janaki) in Ramayana? 
  52. Name the protector mother of Sita.
  53. Which saint was annoyed when Shri Ram broke the Shiva Dhanush at Sita Swayamber?     
  54. Name Janak’s daughter other then Sita?
  55. Name Laxman’s wife in Ramayan.
  56. Name Bharat’s wife in Ramayan .
  57. Name Shatrughana’s wife in Ramayana .                         
  58. Name the father of Bharat’s wife Mandvi and Shatrughan’s wife Srutikirti?
      Kushdhwaj, brother of king Janak
  59. Where did Kushdhwaj, the brother of king Janak rule?
  60. Which place Nishad Raj Guh ruled?
  61. What was the age of Ram when he was exiled for 14 years?
    27 years
  62. What was the age of Sita when she went to forest for 14 years with Ram?
    18 years
  63. Who forbade Sita to change over to coarse clothes and asked to go to the forest with fine clothes and ornaments while going with Ram?  
    The king Dashrath and Vashistha.
  64. Where did Ram and others rest on the first day of his exile?  
    On the bank of Tamsa river.
  65. How many days Bharat took in coming to Ayodhya from his maternal uncle’s house?           
    8 days
  66. Where was the ashram of Rishi Bharadwaj situated?
  67. Where was Ram advised to live during his exile by Bharadwaj Muni?         
  68. What did Ram say while refusing to go back and rule Ayodhya even after insistance of Vashistha and others?
    He said he would not disobey his father’s order.
  69. Who occupied the throne of Ayodhya after Ram’s exile?
    Ram’s foot wear, khadaun.
  70. Where did Ram go after the meeting with Bharat?
    Monastry of saint Attri.
  71. Name the Muni who gave royal welcome to Bharat and his whole army when they went to pursuade Ram to return back to Ayodhya.
  72. When Ram was in exile, where did Bharat live?
  73. Name the Rishi whose wife was Anusuya .
  74. In which forest did Ram enter after Chitrakoot?
  75. Who was the owner of the cow Kamdhenu according to Ramayana?              
    Rishi Vashistha
  76. How was Viradh killed?
    He was badly beaten and was buried alive.
  77. Where did Ram meet with Shabri?
    Near Pumpa Tank
  78. Where was pumpa tank situated?
    Near Rishymuk Hill
  79. Where did Supankha meet Ram and Laxman?
  80. Who was the protector of Punchvati area?
    The demon khar
  81. How many demons were killed by Ram alone besides Khar and Dushan?     
  82. Which chapter of Ramayana contains the abduction of Sita?
  83. Who advised Rawan to abduct Sita?
    The demon Akampan
  84. Whose help Rawan sought for the abduction of Sita?
  85. From whom Rawan snatched the Pushpak aircraft?
    His brother Kuber
  86. How many monkeys were sitting at Rishyamuk hill when Sita threw a bundle of jewellery while being abducted by Rawan?
  87. At the time of abduction of Sita, which king of birds had a fight with Ravan?
  88. At the bank of which river Ram cremated Jatayu?
  89. Which two demons did Bali kill?                       
    Mayasur and Dundubhi
  90. Which state was ruled by monkey king Bali?
  91. In the monestry of which saint the blood drops were split when Bali killed Dundubhi?
    Saint Matang
  92. What was the curse called down by the saint matang when he saw the blood stains in his monastry?
    He cursed that who so ever has spread blood in his monastry would instantly die on coming near the monastry .
  93. Which was the meeting place of Ram and Sugriva for the first time?
    Rishyamook hills
  94. Why did Ram not kill Bali on his first fight with Sugreev? 
    He could not differentiate between the two
  95. What did Ram do to ascertain identification of Sugreev? 
    He garlanded Sugreev with the wreath of gaj pushpi .
  96. Name the wife of Sugreev?
  97. Name the wife of Bali?
  98. Where did Ram and Laxman live for four months of rainy season after the Sugreev’s coronation?
    In the caves of Prasrvan hills
  99. To whom did Sugreev send at the door to calm down Laxman, when Laxman went to remind  Sugreev to send teams for searching Sita after the end of rainy season?
  100. Name the chief of the group of soldiers sent in the east direction to search Sita?
  101. Name the chief of the soldiers sent in the south direction to search Sita?
  102. Name the chief of the soldiers sent in the west direction to search Sita?
  103. Name the chief of the soldiers sent in the north direction to search sita?
  104. In which direction did Hanuman and Jambvant go?
  105. How much time was given to each group for searching Sita?
    One month
  106. Who gave information regarding Sita’s abode to Angad?
    Sampati, the brother of Jatayu
  107. Who reminded Hanuman his strength at the time of crossing the ocean?
  108. From which mountain did Hanuman make a flying start across the ocean? 
    Mahendra mountain
  109. Which mountain emerged from the ocean when Hanuman was crossing it?
  110. To  whom did gods send to test the ability of Hanuman while  hewas crossing the ocean
  111. Who caught Hanuman’s reflection in water to retain his speed while he was flying across the ocean?
  112. Who was the first to meet when Hanuman reached Lanka after crossing the ocean?
  113. Where was Sita kept in Lanka by Ravan after her abduction?
    Ashok Vatika
  114. Where did Hanuman and Sita meet for the first time?
    In Ashoka vatika
  115. Which son of Ravan was killed by Hanuman in Ashok Vatika while searching for Sita?
    Akshya Kumar
  116. Who captured Hanuman in Ashok Vatika and presented him before Ravan?
    Meghnad (Indrajeet)
  117. What did Ram give to Hanuman as the mark of his identify when Hanuman was going to search Sita?
    His ring
  118. What did Sita give to Hanuman as the mark of her identify for Ram?
  119. From which mountain did Hanuman make a flying start from Lanka to cross the ocean?
    Aristha Mountain
  120. Which garden was devastated by monkeys after Hanuman came
  121. back on successful search of Sita?
  122. Who looked after Madhuban garden of Sugreev?  
  123. Who carried Laxman on his shoulders when army started from Kishkindha?
  124. Who carried Ram on his shoulders when his army started from Kishkindha?
  125. Who was the main contributor in building the bridge over the ocean?
  126. What was the name given to the bridge?
      Nal Setu
  127. How long it took to construct this bridge?
      5 days
  128. Name the mountain where the army of Ram camped after crossing the ocean?  
    Suvel mountain
  129. Atop which hill Lanka was situated?
    Trikuta Hills
  130. How many main gates Lankapuri had?
  131. Name the maternal grandfather who advised Ravan to compromise with Ram?
  132. Who came forward in support of Vibhishan and advised Ram to accommodate him in his company ?
  133. Who was the winner in the war between Ram and Meghnad on the first day?
    Meghnad, he tied both Ram and Laxman with the serpents.
  134. Who killed Lavnasur?
  135. Who brought Sita in the battlefield to show Ram and Laxman tied with the serpants?     The demon ladies
  136. Who convinced Sita that Ram and Laxman were alive?
    The demon lady Trijita
  137. Who unbound tied Ram and Laxman?
  138. Who killed Meghnad?
  139. Who killed Kumbhkarna?
  140. Who sent his chariot seeing that Ram was fighting against Ravan on foot? 
  141. Who was the charioteer of the chariot sent by Indra?
  142. Which great lady of Lanka is revered as Sati?
  143. Where did Ram go to repent for a Brahman’s killing?
  144. Whom did Ram greet first after returning from exile?         
  145. In which ashram (monastry) did Lav and Kush born?
    Valmiki’s Ashram
  146. To whom Ram offered the post of Yuvraj (Crown Prince) when he was crowned as king?             Laxman
  147. Who was given the post of Yuvraj (Crown Prince) when Laxman refused it?
  148. Shatrughana was made king of which place?
  149. Kush was made king of which place?
    South Kausala
  150. Lav was made king of which place?
    North Kausala
  151. Who left for heavenly abode first among the Ram, Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughana?
  152. How did Sita left for heavenly abode?
    The earth burst and Sita went into it.
  153. How did Ram, his brother and citizen of Ayodhya left for heavenly abode? 
    All of them died by drowning themselves in Saryu river.
  154. In which kand of Ram Charit Manas has the incidence of Hanuman getting wounded by Bharat’s   rrow been described?
    Lanka Kand
  155. Which kand contains the reference of coronation ceremony of Ram in Ramcharit Manas?       
    Uttar Kand
  156. Whose achievements are described in Sunder Kand?