Economic Sceniario

  1. In which Veda agricultural practices are described ?
    2. What was the common name for agriculture, animal- husbandry
    and commerce in Mauryan era ?
    3. The organization (guilds) of artisans and traders, in ancient Bharat,
    were Khown as
    4. The Gold coins issued during gupta period, were known as ?
    5. Which ruler issued the currency named Rupiya for the first time
    in Bharat ?
    Shershah Suri
    6. In which year the first Wholly Bharatiya Owned Bank was set up in 
    Bharat ?
    7. Which was the first Wholly Bhartiya Bank?
    Punjab National Bank
    8. Which bank was earlier known as Imperial Bank ?
    State Bank of India
    9. In which year decimalization of rupee took place in Bharat ?
    1st April 1957
    10. In which year was Planning Commision established, for Planned Economy in Bharat ?
    11. On which basis the Bharatiya economy is planned ?
    Socialist System
    12. In which year Planning Commission was abolished by Govt. of Bharat?
    13. What is the name of new ayog (commission), established in place of planning commission?
    NITI Ayog
    14. What is the full form of NITI, in NITI Ayog ?
    National Institute for Transformation of India 
    15. Who is the chairman of NITI Ayog ?
    Prime minister of Bharat
    16. In which year first Five Year Plan commenced in Bharat?
    17. In which Five Year Plan, highest annual economic growth rate was achieved ?
    11th Plan
    18. In which Five Year Plan, the annual growth rate was the lowest?
    3rd Plan
    19. Which is the base year for computation of national income in Bharat?
    20. Which state has the least poverty ratio?
    (percent of people below poverty line Goa (6.3%)
    21. Which state has the highest poverty ratio in Bharat?
    Chhattisgarh (47.9%)
    22. In which year the mid-day meal scheme, for primary schools, was started?
    23. Which bank is known as central bank in Bharat?
    Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
    24. Which organization is the controller of monetary policy in Bharat?
    25. In which year was RBI established?
    26. Where is the headquarter of Reserve Bank of India (RBI)?
    27. In which year RBI was nationalised?
    28. Who bears the signature on one rupee note?
    Finance Secretary of Bharat
    29. Which bank was earlier called as ‘Imperial Bank’?
    State Bank of India (SBI)
    30. In which year were commercial banks nationalised first in Bharat?
    31. How many commercial banks were nationalised in 1969?
    14 Banks
    32. In which year, the second round of nationalisation of banks took
    place in Bharat?
    33. Which is the largest commercial bank in Bharat?
    State Bank of India
    34. Which is the largest commercial bank of private sector in Bharat?
     ICICI Bank 
    35. Which bank was established in 2013, by the Govt. of Bharat,mainly to fullfil the banking needs of women?
    Bharatiya Mahila Bank (BMB)
    36. Name two important direct taxes levied by the Union Govt. in Bharat?
    Corporate Tax, Income Tax
    37. Name the important indirect taxes levied by the Union Govt. in Bharat?
    Excise Duty, Custom Duty, Service Tax ( included in GST, with some exceptions)

    38. Name the important taxes by state governments in Bharat?
    39. Which tax provides maximum revenue to union govt. in Bharat?
    Corporate Tax
    40. Which tax provides maximum revenue to state govts. in Bharat?
    41. What is the name of new indirect tax, likely to be introduced in Bharat, with effect from April 1st 2016?
    GST(Goods & Service Tax)
    42. Name three important associations of trade and industries in Bharat?
    FICCI, CII and Assocham
    43. What is the full form of FICCI?
    Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industries
    44. What is the full form of CII?
    Confederation of Indian Industries
    45. What is the full form of Assocham?
    Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industries of india
    46. Which organisation is known as the regulator of stock-market in Bharat?
    47. Which organisation is known as the regulator of insurance sector in Bharat ?
    48. Which is the largest profit making company of public Sector in Bharat?
    ONGC (Oil & Natural Gas Company)
    49. Which is the largest private company in Bharat?
    Reliance Industries Ltd.
    50. Which is the largest trade union in Bharat?
    BMS ( Bharatiya Majdoor Sangh)
    51. Which state is the largest producer of sugar in Bharat?
    52. Which state is the largest producer of wheat in Bharat?
    Uttar Pradesh
    53.. Which state is the top in productivity in terms of production in per hectare in Bharat? Punjab
    54. Which is the principle food crop in Bharat?
    55. Which state has maximum productivity of rice in Bharat?
    56. Which state ranks first in rice production in Bharat?
    West Bengal
    57. Which state is the largest producer of pulses in Bharat?
    Madhya Pradesh
    58. Which state is the largest producer of ground nuts in Bharat?
    59. Which state ranks first in the production of sugarcane in Bharat?
    Uttar Pradesh
    60. Which state is the largest proudcer of oilseeds in Bharat?
    61. Which state is the largest producer of cotton in Bharat?
    62. At which place in world is Bharat ranked coconut production ?
    63. Which state in Bharat leads in coffee seeds production ?
    64. Which is the major saffron producing state of Bharat?
    Jammu & Kashmir
    65. Which is the largest silk producing state in Bharat ?
    66. Which state in Bharat leads in Milk production ?
    Uttar Pradesh

    67. Blue revolution relates to which field ?
    68. Which state of Bharat leads in cashew production ?
    69. How much part of the total cultivated land in Bharat depends on monsoon ?
    2/3rd area
    70. Which year is considered to be the beginning of the Green revolution in Bharat ?
    71. Which state of Bharat ranked first in country and fourth in world for rubber production ? Kerala
    72. By which common name are the crops sown in the monsoon season known ?
    73. By which common name are the crops sown in the autumn season known ?
    74. Which channel of Doordarshan is dedicated to farmers and agriculture ?
    DD Kisan
    75. Which is the first agriculture university established in Bharat ?
    Govind Vallabh Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pant nagar ( Uttrakhand)
    76. What is the certification mark for the standard of agriculture products ?
    77. Which Bhartiya state has the maximum area under waste land ?
    Jammu & Kashmir
    78. Which is the largest nationalized enterprise in Bharat ?
    Indian Railways
    79. Which Bank launched ATM services in Bharat?
    80. Which Bank is first to start net- banking in Bharat ?
    ICICI Bank.