1. When was Indus Valley civilization unearthed? 
  2. Which two cities were unearthed in the excavation of Indus Valley?
    Mohanjo Daro and Harappa.
  3. What does Mohanjo Daro mean in Sindhi language?
    The mound of the dead
  4. Where is Mohanjo Daro situated?
    In Larkana district of Sindh State of Pakistan
  5. Where is Harappa situated?
    In Mantgomery district of Punjab, Pakistan
  6. Which material was used to build houses in Mohan Jo-Daro?
    Baked Bricks
  7. Whom did the people of Indus valley civilization worship?
  8. Where are the hymn (Richas) of Rigveda supposed to be composed?
    On the bank of River Saraswati
  9. In which state flourished the Shakya republic?
    Kapil Vastu
  10. In which state existed the Lichchwi republic?
  11. To which dynasty belonged Gautam Buddha?
  12. Name the Indian king who fought against Alexander bravely.
    Porus (Puru)
  13. Which was the first Indian king,who wellcomed Alexander andaccepted his Kingship?
  14. Between which two rivers was the empire of Porus who foughtAlexander?
    Jhelam and Chinab
  15. Which are  the first reference books having Lord Budha’ssermons?
  16. During the reign of which king of Magadh did Lord Budha die?
  17. Name the capital of ancient kingdom .
  18. In the reign of which king the first Buddhist council was held?
    Ajat Shatru
  19. Whom Chandra Gupta defeated to establish his Mauryaregime?
    King Dhananand
  20. Where was the capital of Chandra Gupta  Maurya established?
  21. Under whose guidance did Chandra Gupta Maurya establish his regime?
  22. Which foreign invader did Chandra Gupta Maurya defeat and married his daughter?
  23. During the reign of which Indian king did  Magasthanese came to India?
    Chandra Gupta Maurya
  24. What was the name of present Afghanistan during Mahabharat period?
  25. Who was the father of Ashoka, the great?
  26. Name the Daughter and son of King Ashoka who was sent abroad to propagate Buddhism?
    Sanghmitra & Mahendra
  27. Who ended the reign of Maurya dynasty?
    Pushyamitra Shung
  28. During the reign of which king was Sanchi Stup (Tower of Sanchi) built?
  29. Who was the last emperor of Maurya dynasty?
  30. Who was the first emperor of Gupta dynasty?
    Chandra Gupta-I
  31. Nepolean s compared with which ancient Indian emperor
    Samudra Gupta
  32. Name the king of Gupta dynasty whose reign is known as golden period?
    Chandra Gupta-II
  33. Under whose regime did the great poet Kalidas live?
    Chandra Gupta-II
  34. Who took the title ‘Vikramaditya’ in Gupta dynasty?
    Chandra Gupta-II
  35. Which ruler of Gupta period was an expert Veena player?
    Samudra Gupta
  36. Name the Hindu king who called his Cabinet Ministers Nav-Ratnas (Nine Jewels)?
    Chandrgupta Vikramaditya
  37. During the reign of which Hindu dynasty was the architecture at its peak?
    Gupta dynasty
  38. Who was the ruler between Chandra Gupta First and Chandra Gupta II?
    Samudra Gupta
  39. During the reign of which king the iron pillar near Kutub Minar was built?
    Chandra Gupta II
  40. Who destroyed the Gupta dynasty?
    The Huns
  41. Who founded the Shung dynasty?
  42. Which dynasty emerged after Shung dynasty?
  43. Who founded Kanva dynasty?
  44. To which dynasty Kanishk belong?
  45. Which was the capital of Kanishka?
    Purushpur (Peshawar)
  46. In the court of which king Ashwaghosh, the author of Budh Charitam lived?
  47. Which state did Satvahans rule?
    Andhra Pradesh
  48. Who ended the rule of barbarian Hun king Mihirkul?
    Yashodharman of Malwa and Baladitya of Magadh
  49. At which age Harshvardhan ascended the throne of Thaneshwar and Kannauj?
    16 years
  50. Who checked the advance of Harshvardhan towards south beyond Narmada?
    Pulakeshin II
  51. During the reign of which king the Chinese traveller Huen Tsang visited India?
  52. Name the popular University during the reign of king Harsh?
  53. Who is said to be the best king in Chalukya Dynasty?
    Pulakeshin II
  54. Who defeated and killed the Chalukya King Pulakeshin II?
    Pallav King Narsimha Varman- I
  55. Who built the Kailash Temple of Ellora?
    Krishna Ist/ Rashtrakuts
  56. What was earliest name of Assam?
  57. What does Pragjyotish actually mean?
    Navgrah temple
  58. Name the king of Kamrup during whose period Huan Tsang visited India?
    Bhaskar Varman
  59. Who founded the Rashtrakut Dynasty?
  60. During the reign of which king Pallav Dynasty flourished?
    Narsimha Varman
  61. Who ended the rule of Pallava’s?
    The Chola King Aparajita
  62. Which place was the centre of power of Pallavas?
  63. Which was the first capital of Chola dynasty?
  64. Name the first Muslim invader who attacked India.
    Mohd. Bin Kasim
  65. Which part of India was attacked by the Arabs for the first time?
  66. Which persian scholar called India the heaven on earth?
    Amir Khusro
  67. Who was the first king to circulate copper coins in India?
  68. Name the ancient ruling race from which the name Assam is derived?
  69. One of the most significant periods in the history of Assam was the period of Swarg-Dev Durga Rudra Singh. What was he known as?
    Shivaji of Eastern India
  70. Who founded Paal dynasty?
  71. Who was the greatest king among Paal Dynasty?
    Dharam Paal
  72. Who was the founder of Vikramshila University at Magadh?
    Dharam Paal
  73. Who founded Sena Dynasty?
    Samant Sena
  74. Who was the greatest king of Sena dynasty?
    Vijaya Sena
  75. Who was the last king of Sena Dynasty?
    Laxman Sena
  76. How many times Mahmud Gazhnavi invaded India?
     Seventeen times
  77. Name the Rajasthani warrior who bravely fought Mehmood Gaznavi to check his advance towards Somnath.
    Gogha Bapa
  78. Which Muslim invader attacked holy Somnath temple?
    Mehmood Gaznavi
  79. Between whom the famous Tarain war was fought?
    Prithvi Raj and Mohd. Gauri
  80. How many times did Prithvi Raj defeat Mohd. Gauri?
    Sixteen Times
  81. Who was defeated in Tarain War -II?
    Prithvi Raj
  82. Where were Prithvi Raj’s ashes kept?
  83. Which Indian king provoked Mohd. Gauri to attack Prithvi Raj?
    Jai Chand
  84. Who established the Slave Dynasty in India?
    Qutab-ud-din Aibak
  85. Name the king of Slave dynasty who was called Darvesh King?
    Nasiruddin Mahmud
  86. Who was the last king of Slave dynasty?
  87. Who ended Slave dynasty?
    Jalaluddin Khilji
  88. During the period of Delhi Sultnat how many dynasties ruledIndia?
    Five- Slave, Khilji, Tughlaq, Sayyed and Lodhi
  89. To which dynasty belonged Razia Beghum, the only Muslim ladyruler in India?
    Slave dynasty
  90. How many kings of Khilji dynasty ruled in India?
    Three-Jala-lud-din, Alla-ud-din & Qutub-ud-din Mubarak Khilji
  91. Who founded Tughlaq dynasty?
    Giasuddin Tughlaq
  92. Who ruled in India when Timur the lane invaded?
    Sultan Mahmud Tughlaq
  93. Who founded Sayyed Dynasty?
    Khizra Khan
  94. Who was the last king of Sayyad Dynasty?
    Alam Shah
  95. Who founded Lodhi Dynasty?
    Bahlol Lodhi
  96. Who was the first Muslim Sultan to attack Hindu kings of South India?
    Allauddin Khilji
  97. In the court of which king Ibn Batuta came to India?
    Mohammad Bin Tughlaq
  98. Who founded Vijaynagar Empire in 14th Century?
    Harihar and Bukka Rai
  99. Name the most famous king of Vijaynagar?
    Krishna Dev Rai
  100. Who founded Bahmani kingdom in South?
    Ala-ud-din Bahman Shah  popularly known as Hassan,
  101. Who became the king under the title  Abdul Muzaffar Ala-ud-din.
    Bahman Shah
  102. Which was the political and cultural center for Pandyas?
  103. During the period o fwhich dynasty was the famous statue Gomateshwar built at Shravanbelgola?
  104. Who established Mughal empire in India?
  105. Which Mughal king got the power twice?
  106. Which Mughal king abolished Jazia (Tax) from Hindus?
  107. Whose daughter was Jodhabai, the wife of Akbar?
    Raja Bhar Mal of Amer
  108. Who among the nine jewels (Nav Ratnas) ofAkbar’s court recited poems under the pen-name Brahmdas?
  109. Who got G.T. Road constructed forthe first time?
    Sher Shah Suri
  110. Who founded ‘Din-e-ilahi’?
  111. Name the Rajput queen who sent rakhi to Humayun.
  112. Where is the tomb of Akbar situated?
  113. Which matters were dealt with in Diwane-Risalat in the period of Sher Shah?
    External Afairs
  114. Who invited Babar to invade India?
    Daulat Khan Lodi
  115. Who interrupted the Mughal domain for almost 15 years?
    Sher Shah Suri
  116. Where is Jehangiri Mahal built?
    In Agra Fort
  117. Who came to the court of Jahangir in 1608 with a letter from James I,King of England seeking permission to trade with India?
    Captain Hawkins
  118. What was the real name of Shahjehan?
  119. Name the son of Shahjehan who was a Sanskrit scholar?
    Dara Shikoh
  120. Who was reigning Delhi at the time of Nadir Shah’s attack?
    Mohd. Shah Rangila
  121. Name the invader who looted the diamond ‘Kohinoor’ and took itto Iran.
    Nadir Shah
  122. Name the great warrior of Assam who defeated Aurangzeb.
    Lachit Barhfukan
  123. To which city did Chand Bibi, who fought against  Emperor Akbar,belong?
  124. Where was Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Mughal Emperor, exiled by the British Govt.?
  125. Name the first king of Mewar?
  126. What was the real name of Bappa Rawal, king of Mewar?
  127. Which Indian king had the privilege to merge Iran into his kingdom?
    Bappa Rawal
  128. Name the husband of Rani Padmini?
    Ratan Singh
  129. Which event is known as first Shaka of Chittore?
    Self Immolation (Jauhar) by Rani Padmini and others
  130. Name the ancestor of Vir Shivaji who left Chittore?
    Sajjan Singh
  131. Name the person famous as Bhishm of Mewar?
  132. Name the king of Mewar who was good in Sanskrit language,was a good ruler as well as a good architect?
    Rana Kumbha
  133. The reign of which king is known as golden era of Mewar?
    Rana Kumbha
  134. In whose memory was the victory Tower (Vijay Stambh) built in Chittaur by Mewad King?
    Victory of Rana Kumbha against Mehmood Khilji
  135. Which king of Mewar defeated Sikandar Lodi of Delhi?
    Rana Sanga
  136. Which queen sent Rakhi to Humayun seeking help to protect Chittore?
    Rani Karmwati, widow of Rana Sanga
  137. Which event is called as second Shaka of Chittore?
    Self Immolation by Rani Karmvati & Others
  138. Who got victory tower (Vijay Stambh) built in the fort of Chittaur?
    Rana Kumbha
  139. Which Rajput king fought against Babar at Khanwa?
    Rana Sanga (Sangram Singh)
  140. Who made an attempt to kill Rana Udai Singh in his childhood?
    His Cousin Banbir
  141. Who saved the life of Udai Singh?
    Panna Dhai
  142. Whom did Banbir kill in place of Udai Singh?
    Panna Dhai’s Son Chandan
  143. Name the mother of Rana Pratap Singh?
    Jayvanti Bai
  144. Where was Rana Pratap born?
  145. Who took charge to save Chittore when Akbar attacked Udai Singh?
    Jaimal and Patta
  146. Who performed third Shaka of Chittore?
    Phool Kunwar, queen of Patta
  147. Where did Udai Singh establish his kingdom after being defeatedby Akbar?
    In Gogunda
  148. Which was the festival when Udai Singh died?
  149. Whom did Udai Singh declare as his successor?
    Jagmal Singh
  150. Which place was first made his capital by Rana Pratap?
  151. Name the king of Chittore who defeated and captured Mohd.Tughlaq for three months?
  152. Name the brother of Rani Padmini who gave away his life to release his brother in law Ratan Singh from the captivity of Allah-Uddin?
  153. Who has been called Hindu Surtana (King of Hindus) in Mewar?
    Maharana Kumbha
  154. Name the father of saint Meera Bai.
    Ratan Singh
  155. Name the husband of saint Meera Bai.
  156. Where was saint Meerabai borne?
    Kurki Village near Merta
  157. What was the relationship between Meera Bai & Rana Pratap?
    She was his aunt
  158. Who gave poison to Meera Bai?
    Her Brother-in-law Vikramaditya
  159. Name the warrior killedin Haldi Ghati while fighting Akbar’s army wearing Rana Pratap’s crown?
    Jhala Man Singh
  160. Name the Bheel Commander in Rana Prataps army?
  161. Name the muslim Commander in Rana Prataps army?
    Hakim Khan Suri
  162. Which king preferred to eat grass bread rather than surrender to the Mughals?
    Maharana Pratap
  163. Who gave whole of his life’s savings to Rana Pratap to raise army to fight Mughals?
    Bhama Shah
  164. In which year did Rana Pratap take the reign of Mewar?
  165. Which state was ruled by Rana Sanga?
  166. What was the relationship between Rana Sanga and Maharana Pratap?
    Grandfather-grand son
  167. Name the invincible fort of Rajasthan which was built by Rana Kumbha.
    Kumbhal Garh
  168. In whose reign  Etmat-ud-daula Tomb got built?
  169. Name the capital of Rana Hammir,who defeated Alauddin Khilji?
    Ran Thambhor (Sawai Madhopur)
  170. Name the brave person of Marwar who strongly opposed Aurangzeb to get Ajit Singh’s kingdom.
    Durga Das Rathod
  171. In which year was Shivaji crowned?
  172. Where did Shivaji establish his capital after assuming the title of‘Chhatrapati’?
  173. Name the elder son of Chhatrapati Shivaji.
    Sambha ji Maharaj
  174. Whose cabinet of ministers was called ‘Asht Pradhan’?
  175. For how many years Shahu, the grandson of Shivaji lived as a captive in prison of Mughals?
    18 years
  176. Name the person who persuaded Shivaji to make settlement with Aurangzeb?
    Raja Jai Singh
  177. What was the title given to the Prime Ministers in Maratha States?
  178. Who was the first peshwa who became ruler of Maratha Kingdom?
    Balaji Vishwanath
  179. Which Peshwa brought the Maratha empire to its zenith after Shivaji?
    Balaji Bajirao
  180. Name the five prime powers into which Maratha empire splitted?
    Peshwas at Poona, Gaekwads at Baorda Bhonsles at Nagpur, Holkars at Indore and Scindias at Gwalior
  181. Whom did Guru Gobind Singh help to get the crown?
    Bahadur Shah (Muazzam)
  182. At what age Maharana Ranjit Singh proclaimed himself a king?
    19 years
  183. Which ruler of Punjab possessed Kohinoor?
    Maharaja Ranjeet Singh
  184. Name the last Nawab of Awadh?
    Wajid Ali Shah
  185. At which place did Vasco-de-Gama first land in India?
  186. For how many years did Portugese rule Goa?
    451 years (1510-1961)
  187. Who established Sikh Raj in Punjab?
    Maharaja Ranjit Singh
  188. 9Name the brave commander of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh who extended his empire upto Afghanistan.
    Hari Singh Nalwa
  189. In which year did the British Queen take over the administration of British India in her hands?
  190.  Which was the first capital of British empire in India? Kolkata
  191. When was the shifting of Capital announced from Kolkata to Delhi?
  192.  In which year did Jalianwala Bagh Massacre take place?
  193. Which was the capital of Assam before bifurcation?
  194. In which state in North-Eastern region a symbolic cemetery was raised in recognition of supreme sacrifice made by the officers and men during world war II?
  195. In which year Nagaland was made 16th State of India?
  196. In which year Manipur was made 20th state of India?
  197. Name the state which literally means ‘house of clouds’
  198. By what name was Mizoram known earlier?
    Lushai Hills
  199. In which year was the Lushai Hills renamed as Mizoram?
  200. In which place in Manipur did the officers of Indian National Armyled by Col. Laxmi Swaminathan  kiss the soil as the first liberated area in India?
  201. Subhash Chandra Bose first hoisted the flag of the IndianNational Army on Indian soil. Name the place.