Bhartiya Defence Forces

1. Who is the Supreme Commander of Bhartiya Defence forces?
The President of Bharat
2. What was the tittle of the Supreme Commander of Bhartiya Army at the time of Independence ?
Commander-in-Chief of Army
3. Who was the first Bhartiya Commander-in-chief of Army?
Genral K.M. Cariappa 15- jan- 1949
4. Who was the first Bhartiya Commander-in- hief of Bhartiya Air force?
Air Marshal Subareto Mukherjee 1- apr- 1954
5. When was the tittle Commander-in-chief was re-designated as chief of the each respective branch ?
From 1st April 1955
6. Who was the first Chief of Army staff?
Maharaja Rajindra Singh 
7. Who was the first Bhartiya Cheif of Naval staff?
Vice Admiral Ram Dass Katari 22- April 1958
8. The celebration of Army Day on 15th January is dedicated to which event?
On 15th Jan 1949 the first Bhartiya Lt. Gen.K.M. Carriappa had taken on as C.I.C of Bhartiya Army
9. Which was the first battle Bharat had to face againest Pakistan?
1947- Indo- Pak war in Kashmir
10. Which is the highest attainable rank in Bhartiya Army?
Field Marshal
11. How many Commanders of Bhartiya Army have attained the rank
of field Marshal ?
Two, K.M. Carriappa Sam Manikshaw
12. The only Chief of Air Staff to attain the rank of Marshal of Indian Air Force?  
Arjun Singh
13. What was the previous name of INS Vikramaditya?
Admiral Gorshokov
14. Where is Indian Military Academy situated?
15. Where is Defence University situated?
16. Name indian’s first indigenously developed nuclear power submarine.
INS Arihant
17. Name Bharat’s first light combat Aircraft developed indegenously?
18. During Which war was major Som Nath Sharma awarded Bharat’s first Paramveer Chakra.
1947- Indo pak Kashmir war
19. How many warriors of Indian forces have been conferred with Paramveer Chakra so far ?
20. Which organisation is involved in the development of war fare quipment?
21. In which region is Daulat Beg Oldie situated?
22. Which regiment has the honour of having the most number of PVC awardees?
The Grenadeers
23. When is Indian Airforce Day Celebrated?
8th October
24. When is Indian Navy Day Celebratd?
4th December
25. Name the largest cantonment area in India?
26. When were the ‘Coast Guards’ constituted as independent force in Bharat? 
In 1977
27. Who is the first women head of missile programme in Bharat ?
Tassy Thomas
28. At which place were the nuclear explosion test carried ?
Pokhran, Rajasthan
29. Which mineral is found in abundance in Bharat that can be used as nuclear fuel ? Thorium
30. With the collaboration of which country has Bharat developed the world’s fastest missile Brahmos ?
31. Which organisation has developed aircraft for Bharatiya Armed forces?
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.
32. How many commands are in operation in Bharatiya Army?
Five + one training command
33. Which is the oldest paramilitary force of Bharat?
The Assam Rifles
34. Who controls the paramilitary forces of Bharat?
Ministry of Home affairs
35. Who was the first woman Air Marshal of Indian Air force?
Padmavathy Bandhopadhyay
36. Which Air-Craft carrier war-ship of Bharatiya Navy has been converted into permanant memorial in Mumbai?
INS Vikrant
37. Which Battle field in Punjab area is termed as graveyard of Pakistani Patton tanks? Khemkaran sector in 1965 war
38. In which year was NCC started in Bharat?
39. Who was the first director of NCC?
Col. G.G. Bewoor
40. In which year was the National Security Gaurds established?
41. Name Bharat’s ICBM missiles.
 Agni V & Agni VI
42. Name Bharat’s Cruise Missiles.
Brahmos and Nirbhay
43. Which is Bharat’s underwater to surface missile with range of 3500 km?
44. Which is Bharat’s Antitank missile also phrased as Fire and Forget?
45. What is approx. strength of actively serving personnel in Bharatiya Armed forces?
11.29 lk. Army; 1.27 lk. Air force; 58 thousand Navy
46. Where is the oldest and largest training institute of Bhartiya Army situated?
Mhow Distt Indore, M.P.
47. Name Bharat’s first Military base outside her territory?
Farkhor Air Base, Tajakistan
48. At which place in Bharat is Asia’s Largest Naval training Academy situated?
Ezhimala, Kerala
49. At Which place in Bharat is the National Defence academy located?
Khadak wasala, Pune
50. Which exam is conducted by UPSC for entry to Bharatiya Defence forces as officer? Combined Defence Services Exam