Monarchs (Pre-Historic)

  1. Uttanpad – Son of Manu and Shat Rupa. He had two queens Suniti and Dhruva was the son of Suniti and Suruchi’s son was Uttam.
  2. Dhruva – Aggrieved by the ill treatment of step mother went to the forest and attained blessings of the God with his deep meditation and got the position amongst stars in the
  3. Prithu – Predecessor of king Uttan Pad and Dhruva. A very strong He was the first to recover valuable materials from the earth so that it was called Prithvi.
  4. Ikshwaku – The ancestor of king A very strong king, Ikshwaku dynasty has a long series of kings.
  5. Mandhata – An important king in Ikshwaku
  6. Trishanku – Another king of Ikshwaku He made an attempt to go to heaven alive with the help of Vishwamitra and was successful. But the king Indra pushed him back to earth. Vishwamitra stopped him from falling. He is now hanging be- tween earth and heaven.
  7. Harish chandra – The king of Ayodhya, famous for his truth- fulness. He gave away his kingdom to Vishwamitra in sleep and then sold his son, wife and himself to pay him Dakshina. Mahatma Gandhi pledged to speak truth after seeing stage drama of Harish
  8. Sagar – A great king. Released a horse to complete a yagna. which was stolen by In search for this horse 60,000 sons of Sagar dug out the earth, which is said to be converted into ocean now.
  1. Anshuman – Grandson of king Sagar and son of king He was the person who ultimately searched the horse released by king Sagar and got completed his yagna.
  2. Dilip – The son of king Anshuman, offered himself to the lion to save cow from his clutches. Famous for his
  3. Bhagirath – The son of king He meditated to bring Ganga on earth, so that his ancestors, the sons of Sagar may achieve Moksha.
  4. raghu – Son of king Deerghbahu of Ikshwaku Another strong king of this dynasty. The later kings of this dynasty were also known by the dynasty of Raghuvansh.
  5. Aj – Son of king Indumati was his wife and king Dashrath was their son.
  6. Dashrath – Father of lord Rama, one of the kings who helped gods in the war against demons. Famous for dying in grief for his son to keep his
  7. Janak – The foster father of Sita. Real name was Seerdhwaj. He was the king of He himself was very much learned and was patron of other learned persons. Famous Shastrarth between Yagyavalkya and Gargi was witnessed in his court.
  8. Pururava – A brave and able king of Chandra
  9. Yayati – Son of king Nahush and husband of Sharmishtha the daughter of demon king Vrashparva and Devyani, the daughter of demon Guru Sukracharya. Exchanged his old age for the youth of his son
  10. Dushyant – Another famous king of Chandra He was the son of Raimya. He married Shakuntala, daughter of Menka and Vishwamitra in the ashram of Rishi Kanva. Well known king Bharat was their son.
  11. Bharat – Son of Dushyant and Shakuntala. Used to play with lions cubs when he was just a It is said that name of our country Bharat was due to him.
  12. Ranti Dev – Another king of Chandra Predecessor of king Dushyant. He was saint by nature, famous for feeding poor with his personal food even though remained hungry for many days.
  1. Drupad – The king of Father of Draupadi and Dhrisht Dyuman who became the chief commander for Pandavas in Mahabharat war.
  2. Shantanu – He too was a famous king in Chandra He married Ganga who gave birth to mighty Bhishma. Later on he married another woman Satyavati.
  3. Bhishma – Most famous person of Mahabharat He took an oath not to marry or claim the kingdom for the pleasure of his father Shantanu. Fought bravely in Mahabharat war in favour of Kauravas but told Arjun the trick to kill him and remained on death bed of arrows for 58 days waiting for the sun to go north from south.
  4. chitrangad and Vichitravirya – Sons of Shantanu from his wife Satyavati. Chitrangad was dead at a young age, while Vichitravirya reigned for some time under the guidance of his elder brother,
  5. Dhritrashtra and Pandu – Sons of Vichitravirya, Dhritrashtra was blind by birth and had 100 sons known as Kauravas, Pandu had five sons called Pandavas. A fierce battle took place be- tween Kauravas and Pandavas which is known as Mahabharat
  6. Parikshit – The grand son of Arjun and son of Abhimanyu. It is said that Kaliyug started during his Once lost in forest while hunting and being hungny and thirsty dropped a dead serpent in the neck of a saint. The son of the saint cursed the king that the same serpent would kill him within seven days. King Parikshit spent these seven days listening to Shrimad Bhagvat Geeta from great saint Shuk Dev.
  7. Janmejay – Son of Parikshit. Became furious on hearing of death of his father by being bitten by a snake, took an oath to kill all the Later on was cooled down by the saints and dropped the idea mid-way.
  8. Yadu – A son of king The Yadu dynasty started after his name in which Sri Krishna was born.
  9. Ugrasen – Son of king Ruled over Mathura. His son Kans snatched the kingdom from him. Later Krishna killed Kans and gave him back his kingdom.