App Content

Bharat Vikas Parishad is family-based voluntary organisation, where both husband and wife join as members and children also actively participate. Thus the contents of the website as well as of its app’s are appropriate for the whole family including children of all ages.

The “BVP Publications” app contains, among others, (a) Questions and Answers on General Knowledge viz. history, geography, personalities etc. (b) Lyrics of songs to be sung by students in chorus in schools etc. Other app contents relate to the various publications of the Bharat Vikas Parishad which arranges programmes where students are invited to perform. App’s aim is to add to the knowledge base of the students and of the volunteers of the organization and the public.

Privacy Policy

This app doesn’t collect personal data – including user’s IP addresses and geolocations.

Ad Policy

This app as well the website do not display any ad.

App Target

App targets both children and older audiences. It does not have any policy which results in the collection of data from the children and others.