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I think you should circulate the Bharat Ko Jano as an ebook.
Ravi Kiran Muddha
February 25, 2018

Go(o)d Work;  super.
M A Muthukannan
February 20, 2018

Bharat sahayog samiti apane yaha chalana chahata hoo.
Vinay Gupta
February 12, 2018

What will be main rounds at national level quiz? Also tell something about qualifying rounds. We will be obliged to you. Waiting for your response.
surender garhwal
October 25, 2017

If two schools of same group are for the final selection of quiz, then the question must be same. But in our case it was not so. Question asked to other school was comparatively easy enough to be answered by group A student. So isn’t this unfair?
Africa Gaurav
September 03, 2017

I came to know about the exam which is being conducted by you across the India as “Bharat ko jano” through few of my clients as I am working with Education industry. I really appreciate the effort. Would be more interested to know in detail about this exam? How I could be a member for conducting this exam?

One more thing. I would like to mention that why there is a difference in Fee which you are charging against this exam. As I found in few of cities like Rudrapur your concerned members are charging only Rs. 25 which is mentioned on book and in few of cities like Satna (MP) People (Mr. Shivam and Satyam) are charging just double i,e, Rs. 50. Need a Clarification upon the same.
Pavan Maurya

August 07, 2017
(Responded; clarified)

Blood Donation Camps should be arranged in a single day entire Bharat. So that we too can enter in Limca records or Guinness book. Kindly rethink once again.
Kulkarni Vndekode
May 18, 2017

परिषद् की website पर जो विकास समर्पित सदस्यों की सूची दी गई है उस सूची में 2008-09 की सूची में दूसरा नाम श्री एस पी जैन के नाम के समक्ष उनके शहर का नाम नहीं लिखा गया है.इस सन्दर्भ में मै आपको बताना चाहता हूँ कि श्री एस पी जैन साहब मेरठ शहर सा सम्बंधित रहे है और आप मेरठ शाखा के संस्थापक सदस्यों में से एक है, आप कई वर्षो तक परिषद् की राष्ट्रीय पत्रिका नीति के संपादक भी रहे है.मेरा आपसे अनुरोध है कि कृपया शहर के कॉलम में मेरठ लिखवाने की कृपा करे. 
सुधेश कुमार शर्मा
March 29, 2017
(Response: Since updated)

Contact no. of Bharat Vikas Parishad Chandigarh as mentioned on their fee receipt are not working. Neither their web portal for viewing lab reports online is up to mark.

A proper system with regard to patients care need to be adopted. Although all necessary resources they have but management’s incapability to use them at utmost level is a serious concern.
Praduman Kumar
March 11, 2017

Good initiative by Bharat Vikas Parishad. Wish you all the best for your vision to get fulfilled.
Naveen James
February 21, 2017

I am from Manipur and was trying to find the activities of Bharat Vikas Parishad. Since I have been involved in various social activities for the last more than 10 years particularly in environment and handicrafts sector I am interested in BVP works. Am alumni of TISS I am working as Secretary of an NGO called ADAM. Grateful if a responsible Prant share me sometime on how we can work together. 
Surjit Kshetrimayum
January 05, 2017



How many members of BVP all over India. Just try to help Indian forces. For example Rs.10/=each from member and spend on Soldiers  family who had  martyr for Country.
Kuldeep Malhotra
September 25, 2016

Tremendous work by this organisation no one to compare.
Laxmanrao  Govind
August 07, 2016

In fact today it is only India not Bharat. I hope BVP will try to change India to Bharat on root level.
Subhash Bishnoi
July 30, 2016

Can Bharat Ko Jano quiz be given online?
Apurv Sinha
July 10, 2016
(Response: Online “Bharat Ko Jano” project is in the pipeline)

We wish to see our Regional list of members for 2016 – 2018 instead of old Zonal list. 
Reeta Bhattacharya 
April 30, 2016
(Response: Since provided.)

I suggest to rename of “Bharat Vikas Parishad” as “Bharat International Social Organization”. “भारत अंतर्राष्ट्रीय सामाजिक संस्था”| In short it may known as “Bharat Club” like other international clubs Rotary Club & Lions Club. It will help us to be known at international label and to be flourished all over the world. 
Suresh Vidyarthi  
April 26, 2016
(Comments: On your suggestion considering “Bharat Vikas Parishad” as a club, you may like to read Founder Dr Suraj Prakash’s views (Bharat Vikas Parishad and Other Socio-Cultural Organizations) at )

Very nice. Online report available also?
Gurcharan Kanojeya
April 26, 2016

Really a commendable work! And it will prove a breakthrough for enhancing today’s generation knowledge about Bharat.|
Nikita Chaudhary
April 26, 2016

हर्षौल्लास के साथ मेरठ की शाखा के होली मिलन में परिषद गीत कंठस्थ प्रतियोगिता का आह्वान किया गया
Umesh bhardwaj 
March 26, 2016

I live in shahibabad. I have two children . Both are study in svsvm school in sahibadad. First son going to class 11th second son going to class 8th. My husband is suffering from heart problem his heart is only 15%. He is unable to to doing any work. I am working women but my income is not enough to pay school fees . My first child is throughout going first or second in school. Pls help me to my children to study in school.kya aap school fees maa f karvne Mme help kar sakte hai.
geetanjali kapoor 
March 24, 2016

Wants to know About registration fee of bharata vikas ratna ..award.
Shaik Apsarjan
February 09, 2016
(Response: A person will have the honour of being called “Vikas Ratna” if he pays a sum of Rs. One lakh by Cheque / Draft or Rs. One lakh fifty thousand in the shape of an advertisement to the Parishad.)



While submitting the news on-line on BVP website, we are not able to see or copy the news sent by us. Kindly provide review or edit option. Similarly, kindly give facility to upload 1 or 2 photographs with news item.
Jayant Jeste
July 16, 2015

Provide option to upload minimum one photo for NITHI magazine news submission from our website.
Anil Kumar. B
June 28, 2015

wanna join the organisation
pooja garg
June 21, 2015

Program of `MADUMEH MUKT BHARAT’ is good movement but sorry to say that in part it may not effective and only become a slogan and photo season. A long term plan is required with yoga, if wants I can give road map.
Rameshwar Lal Dad
June 20, 2015

Bundelkand Prant – Laitpur has two branches – Main & Vivekanand: 13 Aadhishthpan & dayitvgrahan smaroh held on 30/3/15 & vimochan of annual patrika PRATIBIMB 2015 done. Recently on 17th May Prantiya Workshop & installation done.
Dr.Sanjeev Jain Kadanki
June 02, 2015

I am Secretary BVP Amritsar Central Branch and wish to share the feelings of our Branch on the issue of changes in rules of NGSC recently introduced.

During the recent workshop arranged by State unit at Pathankot, it was advised that rules of NGSC have been modified and now onwards the teams shall have to qualify both in Hindi and Sanskrit songs and their marks shall be clubbed to select the winners. This is not feasible since there are schools who participate in Hindi only and have no students for Sanskrit competition. Most of such schools are regional based and have regional language as their mother tongue. Such schools compete in HINDI but they have no arrangement for Sanskrit language. Hence such students shall be deprived of their rights to participate as they have no Sanskrit Team. In Punjab most of Punjabi Medium Schools participate in Hindi songs but they do not participate in Sanskrit songs as Sanskrit is not a widely accepted language in Punjab and also in other ” B ” type language areas. Hence we object to this change and suggest that the teams should be selected separately in Hindi and Sanskrit songs for the welfare of spirit of nationalism as before failing which the regional language schools shall avoid such competitions.
Plz reconsider the decision.
R.L. Sharma
Secretary, Amritsar Central Branch
May 24, 2015

I want to send the revised/current list of the Members of my Branch for the receipt of NITI Magazine. What procedure I should follow so that the new Members be added and the Members who left the BVP be deleted. Matter urgent.
M.L. Arora
President Kapurthala Branch
May 11, 2015
[Response: We shall email your branch list which you could update and return.]

sorry to hear about the sad demise of sh kl gupta may god rest his soul in peace.
pranav jawa,
vice president haryana uttar
11th May, 2015


Photos of national meets of NGSC/NSGSC and BKJ appear almost instantly on FB but posted by indivduals/prants/Shakhas etc but NOT officially by BVP C.O. Photos are often without captions, BVP does not announce details of Prize Winners I,II,& III in FB. By the time it appears in NITI the news is stale. This needs to be looked into. Thanks.
Krishna Prasad Gopalakrishnan
29th December, 2014

isavrath sagthhan
Surendra Singh Nirwan
10th September, 2014

Please add photo upload facility along with news for Niti.
Alok Choudhary
9th September, 2014

जम्मू कश्मीर में बाड राहत योजना बनाई जाना चाहिए भारत विकास परिषद् के सहायता से।
Rajeev Vaishy
Gwalior, 8th September, 2014

A few years ago when there was a national level conference in Hardwar a few committees were constituted to deliberate upon and make recommendations on different issues on which BVP may further carry out its mission. One of the committees made some recommendation on a burning problem of CIVIC SENSE in our country. I am not aware what happened to that recommendation. I am of the opinion that this issue should be revived. Our Prime Minister also mentioned on cleanliness in his Independence Day Speech on 15/08/2014. Thanks.
Lokmanya Shakha, Lucknow
5th September, 2014

I am a member of BVP for the last 10 years. I also had the opportunity to serve as President of Awadh Pradesh and Chairman of Zone 6.

I may be permitted to make a suggestion on Accounting Procedure. So far, I understand, there are no guidelines/manual published by the Central Office on accounting procedure. As a result every branch and prant treasurer writes the accounts as per his wisdom. Errors and omissions are quite likely in such situation. And because of different formats being adopted by each individual it may be difficult to amalgamate the account in Central Office.

I therefore suggest you to kindly consider to publish a guideline/manual on accounting procedure. Thanks.
Lokmanya Shakha, Lucknow
5th September, 2014

Every Branch of BVP should create Email ID and group of members as we have done. Even NITI canbe sent on Mail to members to save money & time. The system can be fully IT savvy in order to save time, paper etc..For further details please contact on our Email ID.
Nand Kishore Agarwal
24th July, 2014

i want to give lectures to students about ROCKETS AND SATELLITES on saturdays in Bangalore / Karnataka area.
galileo science club
94484 26530 ( 5pm to 10pm )

I want to become a Member of BVP.
17July, 2014
(Response: Please see

I’m looking for someone who may donate a limb to a handicapped girl (right lower leg).
Dr Irfan Sulehri
Pakistan; 22nd April, 2014

I am Mr. kv ashok president bvp mahabubnagar shaka.AP. I am so proud for my membership in bvp for the last 12 years because this organisation delivers us good culture. This changes our thoughts for the poor.
K.V. Ashok
18th April, 2014

Sir please display on our website all branches president cont. numbers.
Ashok Goyal
14th April, 2014 
(Response: Please visit the link.)

will u organise a cancer awareness camp at our locality at DIMAPUR : NAGALAND ? 
Prava Nandy  
23rd March, 2014

Recently (Dec 2013) learned about this organisation and I am impressed. I sincerely appreciate what these members are doing to our communities. I am a Non-Resident Indian and will participate as needed. My request to all active members is to encourage others to join and help the needy.
Narasimha Reddy Palreddy
USA, 4th February, 2014

site would be more meaning full if we can be informative to the patients and their attendants with regards to their day to day lab investigation reports if can made available to them to view their reports. thanks
N.K. Guglani
1st February, 2014

I also want to become a member of BVP.
Mrs. Rajni mittal
10th October, 2013

Organise seminars for teachers at Prant level.
Sanjay Kumar
7th July, 2013

Nice website. It is very interesting and informative to the members of BVP.
KV Ashok
30th June, 2013

Pls provide the details of a Shakha wise name & the names of President, Secretary & Treasurer details in the website.
12th June, 2013
[Comment: Thanks for your suggestion. The information is now available on the website)

It is good to use technology for spreading news. Congratulations!
Naresh Chand
31th May, 2013

The information made in the website is perfectly alright. I appreciate the efforts done.
Suresh Gupta
Farrukhabad, 9th April, 2013

CD of all our national programmes viz Sanskar Shivir, Bharat Ko Jano, NGSC should be frequently available to all members with nominal cost.

We may make a prayer of BVP consisting of matters regarding all our five sutras – Smpark, Sahyog, Sanskar, Sewa & Samarpan.

I am highly impressed with so informative website of our Parishad which I heartily appreciate.
Rakesh Kumar Gupta
President, BVP Rajasthan North East,
5th April, 2013

This has reference to notice in the latest edition of NITI regarding sending of information to the Central Office regarding statues of Swami Vivekanandji. In this respect I want to narrate an incident during the life of Swamiji. During his all India tour in 1892, Swamiji had established a centre of Ramakrishna Mission at Mayawati in Himalayas. After coming back from the second tour of West, Swamiji visited this centre. He found that the in-charge of the Centre had installed a statue of Swami Ramakrishna Paramhans and started its worship. Swamiji expressed his displeasure as softly as expected from him and ordered the removal of the same. This shows what he thought about statues of great men.

Will our leaders please consider this?
Ravinder Mittal
3rd February, 2013


bvp brajpradesh dwara ayojit kshetriya adhivetion FIROZABAD me sampann.
Dr.Grish varshney,
Braj Pradesh, Media Prabhari
28th December, 2012

I am getting NITI Monthly Magazine for the last many many years. It is good that we get day to day information of events performed in various Bharat Vikas Parishad Branches. My suggestion is that this magazine should contain at least one or two informative articles on allied or topics on day to day events or problems.
Dr. I K Sharma
23rd December, 2012

A very apt suggestion by Sh. Sunil Kumar Gupta. Can we make such qualities mandatory or at least advisory?
Ravinder Mittal
22th December, 2012

Prepared a manuscript “moving on – towards prosperity” would like to translate to Hindi and publish (550 pages).
Mike Rana
6th December, 2012

In the All India National Level Group singing Competition, only selected schools of state level are participating in National level competition, and total approximately 40 to 55 teams are participating, and you give only 5 prizes in NGSC and 5 prizes in REGIONAL SONGS. After the prize distribution other teams are mentally frustrated and feel very nerves. As a Music composer and Director my suggestion is pls give Rank to the other teams after the selecting prize winner teams, like this: first 5 ngse teams then you given rank to the other participating teams, according to the order, like this team no:31-NGSC rank–09,team no:27-Rank-15,Regional Song Comp. Pls apply this system in next all India national competitions,2013 and children will feel happy. I watched your competition carefully in 2012 year. Pls apply this rule.
Ashish Kumar Vyas.Mumbai.
Music Composer and Director
5th December, 2012

BVP is a social organisation and its members should reflect some good qualities. Hence membership of bvp should be strictly restricted to those who are not addicted with tobacco, gutkha, cigarette, liquors etc.
Sunil Kumar Gupta
4th December, 2012

Nice website!!
Meerut,17th November, 2012

This independence day, let us take a pledge to make India what Swami Vivekanad ji wished.
Ravinder Mittal
14th August, 2012

So stimulating your this August “Niti” sampadakiya! “प्रकृति का उतना ही उपयोग करें जितनी हमें आवश्यकता है।””उत्तिष्ठत जाग्रत”। WAh! But your attention please! Use of samskrtam be please taken care of! It’s “सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः” not सुखिनाः।
yours a moved reader
5th August, 2012

“If you mean welfare, put the ghanta in the ganga and start worshipping the apparent god – man – every living person. This world is the virat form of god and its sewa means his (god’s) worship. In fact this is karma – not meaningless rituals. The doors of kashi and bridavan are opened and shut by spending lakhs of rupees. Sometime thakurji is changing clothes and other time he is eating or doing something else. I am at a loss to understand this. On the other hand living thakurs are dying of hunger and due to illiteracy.”
– Swami Vivekananda.
(The original is in Hindi. The above is its translation to the best of my ability. Any imperfection is regretted.)
Ravinder Mittal
24th July, 2012

Sir, It shall be encouraging if we have editor’s comment or view on comments and suggestions submitted by the members. Thanks.
kamlesh kanodia
24th July, 2012
(Comment: Thanks for your suggestion .Comments posted here are specifically brought to the notice of concerned office bearers. )

My suggestion is that please make maximum training programmes for members on the subject of Time Management, etc. because we are the Members of Indian Reputed Society BVP & maximum number of members do not know about managing the stage when organising public programmes.
Parmod Kumar
17th July, 2012

We need to have more transparency in working of branches and during annual elections rules should be followed.
Dr. Kamlesh Kanodia
7th July, 2012

Though I have not met the President BVP so far, but I admire the clear directions of our National President Shri Vishnu Sadashiv Kokjeji emphasised on 17th and 18th May 2012 at Pune. Briefly these are specific guidelines for adherence by all BVP Branches.

1. Project formulation: Prior to any specific project by a Branch do ‘ice breaking’ through many visits to people to understand their problems & priorities through participatory process. Accordingly initiate a project with a focus on the needs of the common people through the project e.g. helping the people at religious & places of pilgrimage; helping the students coming to big cities from nearby villages for shaping their future; cell within the branch to assist the people in collaboration with various philanthropic organization of Senior Citizens, especially the in getting specialised medical treatment, proper pathological tests at a very low cost and cheap food.

2. In case of possibility BVP can assist people to secure help from government projects.

3. Develop the Project as a model for the cluster of adjoining villages for amelioration.

4. Membership: This will automatically increase if BVP can help more & more common men and women.

I wish future of BVP will be ‘par excellence’ to a degree of excellence beyond comparison. Good wishes.
Udaipur; 4th July, 2012

 I AM serving BVP SIRHIND(PB EAST) as PRO. Our branch takes around 20 projects of sewa n sanskar every year, BVP is d only organisation which is carrying the patriotism as project, which is d need of the hour. A MATCHLESS ORGANISATION – BVP.
Puran Chand Sehgal
4th June, 2012

It is observed that most of the members of Bharat Vikas Parishad although have e mail addresses but it has not been made compulsory to mention the emails in their address. Now all members may be asked to mention emails in their addresses, to facilitate quick communications.
I B Singh
24th May, 2012

Please arrange Bharat Ko Jano book to be purchased through website also.
20th May, 2012

Good organisation working for nationalist programmes, social awakening and teaching moral values to students.
10th May, 2012

In the last decade of 19th century, when nobody had thought about it, Swami Vevekanadji predicted 3 things:
1. India would be independent in next 50 years.
2. Workers revolution would happen shortly in Russia (it was being expected in China).
3. India will again obtain its old glory.
The first two are already history. Let us come together and turn the third prophesy also in realty!!!
Ravinder Mittal
27th April, 2012

The greatest difference between the teachings of earlier teachers and Swami Vivekanandji is stress on the importance of man. If we propagate this aspect, and try to spread the message of Swamiji that service to mankind is the best service to GOD, we can contribute significantly in making this society better and our country strong.
Ravinder Mittal
8th March, 2012

Comments on adding “Birthdays of NGB Members” on the website:
आपकी सूजबूझ और नयी विधायों को अपनाकर भारत विकास परिषद् की वैबसाइट के लिए जो कार्य किया है उसकी मैं भाहूत प्रशंसा करता हूँ. Hats off to you for commendable inputs of photographs with birthdates in website of BVP.
शशि कुमार वर्मा
Congratulations for this innovative framework.
great job
ajit gupta
You have given us a nice gift by showing our photoes on BVP web on Navsambatsar. Thanks a lot.
Sachidananda Panda
Thank you very much Atam Devji for this new addition in the website.
CA. Om Prakash Kanoongo
It is very interesting to see the Birthday list, month-wise and it is useful to greet our friends.
No words to say for your work to develop website of BVP.    congrats congrats      congrats congrats.
Yash Paul Gupta

Country first yeah hoga youth mantra.
Pawan Kumar
8th March, 2012

India’s youth power is its highly valued asset and BVP different karya-kram desh ke liye bahut hi value – addition karte haien !!!!!
Suresh Chandra Khattri
BVP jankipuram “samarpan”
Lucknow ; 31st January, 2012

I am a member of Bokaro Steel City(N) Branch at present (07JHK2000010070) and State Convenor for Vikalang Sahayata for Jharkhand Prant. Also we have been felicitated as Vikas Ratna at the Chandigarh Conference. Yesterday I attended branch level meeting and briefed the members regarding the conference. They were very happy to know the successful hosting of the event by our Punjab – East branch.
Bharat Bhushan Das
8th January, 2012

Marriage Registration camp will be held on 18/12/2011 at Bikaner city by Bikaner Nagar shakha.
Ganesh Gupta
13th December, 2011

Yesterday we held Prant level bkj for Punjab North. The teams of Phagwara and Batala stood first to compete at national level. However, I have a strong feeling that after conducting the branch level written test, we leave track of the true spirit of the programme. The true spirit is that maximum children should learn about India. However after the branch level test we completely lose sight of the 5 to 7 lakh children, whom we claim to take part in this competition. Our all energy gets focused on the two member teams. I feel the strong need of giving a serious re-thinking to this aspect and see if the format is suitably changed.
Ravinder Mittal
Distt. Secretary, Ludhiana
5th December, 2011

BVP National Level Per Sadak Marg Per Trucks & Others Vahan Chalane Vale Drivers Bhayyo Ke aankho(EYE) Cheking Karwane Ka Prakalp Chalaye. Kyonki Enke Hatho Me Lakho-Karodo Jindgiya Hoti He.
Ghanshyam Gupta
29th November, 2011

Mera suggestion hai ki agar “BHARAT KO JANO” event mein next year se +1 aur +2 ke students ko bhi mauka mile to ye jyada successful ho sakta hai. School level ke sabhi students ko iss event mein apna tallent dikhane ka mauka jaroor milna chahiye. Mein bhi +1 ka student hoon. Mein Iss event ka ek hissa banna chahta tha. Parantu apke rules ke karan aisa na kar paya.
Aakash Mittal
25th November, 2011

On the basis of my past experience of the National and Zonal Conferences, I am of the opinion that these are of least advantage to the members. Much time is taken by opening and closing ceremonies, welcomes and thanks. Long welcome speeches are repeated at least thrice, by the branch, Distt./Prant and Zonal/National representatives. Our national leaders take too much time and most unfortunately do not say anything new. In any case they have the platform of this website and NITI to say whatever they feel. However, when the time for discussion on any topic comes, the time falls short and the discussion is closed practically before it is started. To curtail the time taken, the members are asked to give their queries in writing, which affects their effectiveness and obviates supplementary queries. It is requested that serious thought be given to the above, so that the common member finds himself more relevant.
Distt. Secretary, BVP Ludhiana
23rd November, 2011

I am afraid if this feedback of ours will be made available for being viewed by all on the website. However still I am writing this to bring an important aspect to the attention of our think tanks. It is glad that we are going to hold National Conference at Chandigarh on 24-25 December 2011. About 2,500 delegates are expected to participate in this event from all over the country.

Each of the member is required to pay registration fee of Rs. 1,000/-. Thus the total registration cost comes to Rs. 25,00,000/-. The participants shall be coming from all the parts of our country. With the most conservative estimate, average expenses per person on travel and stay etc. will be around Rs. 1,000/- per person. Thus the estimated Travelling cost would be Rs. 25,00,000/-.

As the conference will be for two days, thus average man days spent per person is estimated to be 3 days therefore total man days spent would be 7,500. Estimating average value of time per person at Rs. 1,000/-. Total Notional cost of time is Rs. 75,00,000/-. Estimated cost of advertisements in Souvenir Rs. 5,00,000/-. Total Minimum Estimated cost is Rs. 1,30,00,000/- . The calculations above do not include any personal expenditure incurred by the visitors.

My simple question is – Will the out-put from the conference will commensurate with the huge estimated expenditure of Rs. One Crore Thirty Lac? If yes, what would be the out-put? and what was the output for such earlier events ? Do we need to do something more to make this cost recoverable in terms of achievements of Parishad Targets.

I am sure that our above thought will be taken in the positive perspective and not otherwise.
Distt. Secretary, BVP Ludhiana
19th November, 2011

Hari Om. Sir I was eager to see Dr shiva Jindalgis tour program in our site. Please update VDPI project details. He is visiting our village Katgal on 23rd. Thank you.
11th November, 2011

its really an honour to b a part of our own society bharat vikas parishad….
Rajkumar Maheshwari
EX-President, Youth Branch, Bundi
(South-East Hadoti Prant)
Bundi, 6th November, 2011

भारत को जानो प्रतियोगिता के लिए प्रकाशित पुष्तक कनिष्ठ और वरिष्ठ वर्ग के लिए प्रथक-प्रथक होनी चाहिए | क्यूँ की दोनों में प्रतिभागियों का स्तर प्रथक-प्रथक है |
गणेश गुप्ता

सचिव, भारत विकास परिषद् की बीकानेर ई
बीकानेर; 6th November, 2011

Kindly give Swami Vivekananda’s quotations in NITI for whole year. If possible can we give a small live story or letter or lecture in each NITI?

This website is brilliant. I congratulate Atamdevji
Dr Reeta Bhattacharya
Calcutta; 20th June, 2011
(Response: Yes, we shall do it. This is planned.)

I Pradip Garg from Varanasi the Secretary of Visvasarriya Branch, DLW has one complaint to you that we are not receiving any generals and Niti Patrika from CENTER till today. Our branch was established in April 2011 but we and our members are not feeling more good which they expect during joining. So we request you to send all the requisite material to the address given in the list of the members which has been dispatched to you earlier.
Pradip Kumar Garg
19th October, 2011

I am Vikas Jaideep, working as District Secretary Mahender garh and Rewari in Haryana South. I would like to request you to update our website as there are four branches in Mahender garh District, namely 1.Narnaul 2. Mahender garh 3. Nangal Chaudhary and 4. Ateli. Please up date this information as it will motivate our newly branches.
vikas jaideep
30th September, 2011
(Response: New branches added.)

The website has tremendously improved the communication & channel for all especially those whose heart still throbs for this unique and great organization.
Dr. P.N.Thapar
Canada, 8th September, 2011

आज (दिनाक २५-०८-२०११) प्रधान मंत्री के अन्ना जी सम्बंधित सदन में दिए गए भाषण से ज्यादा लोकसभा-स्पीकर “मीरा कुमार” ने अन्ना जी के लिए जो सम्मानजनक बातें कही और स्वस्थ आश्वासन दिया वह मुझे महत्वपूर्ण लगा | लोकसभा-स्पीकर (अर्थात देशवाशियों) की द्रष्टि में अन्ना जी का सम्माननीय होना प्रमाणित हो गया है | अच्छा लगा |

अब लोकसभा-स्पीकर “मीरा कुमार” का सदन के द्वारा अन्ना जी के बारे में सम्मानजनक बातें कहे जाना यह भी प्रमाणित हो गया है कि “अहिंसक आन्दोलनकारी” (जन लोकपाल-आजादी की दूसरी लड़ाई के जनक) अन्ना जी अपराधी नहीं |
25th August, 2011

अन्ना स्वास्थ की जिम्मेवारी संविधानिक |
यह बतमीजी ही कही जा सकती है कि राजनेता अन्ना जी को आज तक म्रत्यु के लिए धकेलते रहे |
प्रारम्भ में लिए जाने वाले कदम “म्रत्यु के किनारे” तक पहुंचाने का इन्तजार करते रहे |
बतौर साधारण नागरिक मैं सरकार को आगाह करता हूँ कि अन्ना जी के स्वास्थ की जिम्मेवारी पूर्णरूप से संविधानिक होगी |
25th August, 2011

I want to know how can I become member of your institution, what is the membership fee and what are benefit to an individual.
ramesh ajmani
21st August, 2011
(Please see FAQs)

thank u for publishing my feedback.. i really hope it was of help to make your organisation better..
11th August, 2011

Sir, with due regards I just want to know the criteria for organising NGSC at first level. From last 6 years we are participating in it but somehow I am not satisfy the way we are doing it here in J&K state.
9th August, 2011

There was a programme conducted by your esteem organisation at nanganallur, chennai by the vyasa branch. The programme was well organised and it was really good to see young energetic school children learning about our culture, tradition and the heritage of our country but what was disheartening to see was the basis on which the prize winners were selected. Particularly a certain school presented a dance item along with their song and the costume they wore could have been more ethical but even then they won the first prize. It was also very confusing if it was a dance competition or a song competition. Also I noticed that they exceeded the time limit. It was really shocking to hear the results of the judges. On what basis they choose the winners was the question of all the audience. There were many decent and prize winning performances which were not awarded any position.
I humbly request the judges to choose the prize winners on just and equitable grounds. As an ardent follower of your organisation, I really wish the organisation all the best for its future programmes. My heartfelt thanks for giving me an opportunity for expressing my feedback.
annapoorni ganesh
7th August, 2011

Recently I had an opportunity to see the National group song competition held by BVP Vyasa branch at Nanganallur. it is a great team work to bring up the patriotism from the students.

But I was shocked when the prize winners came to the dais to replay the song for which they has won the prize. The students (all of the adolescent age) were dancing for the song particularly girls. The thing which aggravated my anxiety was that, they were wearing the Tamil folk type saree just to the height of half an inch below their knees. it was disgusting to see from the seats near the dais.

I could not believe how can these children get the first position in bringing up patriotism. And I also heard from the people that the same school is winning the prize every year by giving such rendering of the songs.

Is this patriotism? And the judges, in which context they decide the winners? Is it for the song or such dances? If it is for the song, then the school which is giving such dance recitals should be disqualified despite the presentation of the song in terms of sruthi, layam, pronunciation etc.

If this is not possible then such competitions are not worthy for National patriotism.

Thanks for this opportunity to give my feedback. Will this organisation consider my queries?
7th August, 2011

Please allot login name and password to all shakhas in India and get the monthly report online. Publish the complete address of members including phone numbers.
6th August, 2011

Based on my experience with Corporate life and otherwise, I must say our website is one of best with wealth of information. I, for myself, frequently visit it as a ‘Bible’ on BVP.
S.N. Jain
Convener- Delhi State South
2nd August, 2011

At present stage, India needs a Organisation, a Body, a Society that leads us, and helps us from every angle. There is no one comparing to BVP, I am so grateful to be a part of this.
Yadwinder Bhardwaj
29th July, 2011

Its a very good organisation but I am concerned with the gaushala situated near shahabad markanda. Whenever I use to cross the over bridge, I use to see cows sitting on Gobar which I feel is generally not cleaned daily. I feel that sanitary hygiene of animals is also a great concern. It looks very pathetic the cows in the sun sitting on the dumps of gobar. Please see to it.
20th July, 2011

BVP India is a unique organisation which is continuously working for the growth of social, economical and unique cultural of India.

Education which is now being delivered in India is based upon the Lord Macaulay theory but not upon the Indian cultural system. This only produces professionals and baby culture but not good citizens. All of the members of BVP must do for the fulfillment of BVP mottoes.
Pradip Kumar Garg
16th July, 2011

shobha lal teli
28th June, 2011

BVP samarpan jankipuram branch, Lucknow released a magazine on 18 june 2011 at its dayitva avam sapath grahan samaroh at a well organised function 6pm to 9.30pm. This magazine could be completed with in a short span with a successful get-up and format, thanks the almightly and the dedication with which we in BVP work for its ideals and principles.
suresh chandra khattri
upadhyaksh, BVP Jankipuram branch, lucknow
22nd June, 2011

___|| राष्ट्र भाषा ||___

प्रत्येक देशवासी को अपनी राष्ट्र भाषा को समझने व सजीवता से अपनाने को “लोकतांत्रिक कर्तव्य” के रूप में समझना चाहिए, इतना ही नहीं ऐसा सभी देशों के संविधान में भी नागरिकों के लिए प्रावधान होना चाहिए |
Yashwant Singh
21st June, 2011

भारत विकास में श्री रामदेव (योग गुरु) एवम श्री अन्ना हजारे (सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता) का अपने अपने तरह से संघर्ष करना नितांत आवश्यक है | इन दोनों के साथ साथ संघर्ष का आना भारत देश के लिए शुभ लक्षण का संकेत प्रतीत होता है |
Yashwant Singh 
19th June, 2011

I am Zonal Organizing Secretary, Zone VIII. Tomorrow we have our Zonal Meeting at Kolkata. Is it possible to give a separate page for all zones to put zonal communication in a different way? Please make it a “the zonal frontier”.

BVP, WEST BENGAL, SIKKIM AND ANDAMAN NICOBAR PRANT is publishing their NITI like booklet twice a year named “ARPAN”. Can we put our “Arpan” in this web site to circulate more?
Dr Reeta Bhattacharya
5th June, 2011
(Responded in affirmative)

BVP I joined indiranagar lucknow branch in 2009 and am presently member of samarpan jankipuram branch, have been asked to edit a magazineto be released on installation ceremony ( 2011) of jankipuram lucknow branch to be held on 18th june 2011 at lucknow, have a great fascination to carry on various activities as per its syllabi !
suresh chandra khattri
28th May, 2011

How can i be a member of your organisation?
23rd May, 2011
(Response: For answer to your query, Kindly visit FAQ in this website.)

In web site it very difficult get the full detail and contact no of particular branch head. Please furnish the full detail of : code no RJN361002 name of place is Makrana.Rajasthan north.
15th May, 2011

आप लोगो ने भारत विकास परिषद् में मुझे सदस्यता प्रदान की इस के लिए धन्यवाद | मुझे बहुत अच्छा लगा परिषद् परिवार में सम्मलित होकर | मैंने सन २००१ में सहकारी विभाग से स्वेच्छिक सेवानिवृति प्राप्त कर ली | सामाजिक सर्जनात्मक क्रियाक्लापों में मुझे आनंद आता है |

आपसी सजीव स्नेह से हम भारत विकास परिषद् के पथ को यथायोग्य उज्वलित करेगें, इसमें शक की कोई गुंजाइश नहीं |
14th May, 2011

Words fall short to your contribution to the BVP web site.

I am and will be available to you to monitor and evaluate the Herculean task of this web site.

Hope you will follow ‘Kaizen’ .. the practice of continuous improvement.

We have a fixed positive as well as negative destiny for which we don’t have to exert negligibly. In between the two extremes lies many opportunities for which we have to act. We have to understand our objective of life in the path of fixed goals and aspirations. We must have unconditional relationship with our organisation.
God bless you.
S.K. Verma
25th April, 2011

Hello, Namaste. I am president of Mattalli rural branch of Karnatka North prant. Feeling very happy to see our website in my remote village computer. Branch & members list of zone XVI north prant is to be updated.
Ravi Hegde Mattalli
6th April, 2011

I am a member of Sahibabad-Ghaziabad Branch. Only yesterday during Holi milan programme it came to our knowledge that BVP is having a web site also.

After viewing this site today I find it so informative & worth efforts done by the BVP family.

As per the net age I propose to start E book concept also & regular update mails should be sent to all members. Further profile of each member will boost up the relationship & to get done any of the works within our BVP families.
Sanjeev Gupta
24th March, 2011

Jai Bharat
Your website is best for Rashtra Bhawna and Deshbhakti.
Bharat Bolo Andolan
3rd March, 2011

Sir, I am from Gaya (Bihar), We want to do something special in our rural area so please suggest us how we do this work. Give us some guideline about below topic:-
1. Education for poor Child & Uneducated People.
2. Open an organization in our area under your jurisdiction.
Arun Sharma / Manoj Kumar
12th February, 2011

Currently I am Living in Nashik and I would like to know the Office address and Phone Number of Bharat Vikas Parishad which is situated in Nashik and Nashik Road Areas.
Sachin Thejasimhan
6th February, 2011

Your site is very good but I think you have to add a link for job opportunities.

It may be helpful for people who want to join your organisation as an
Vinod Kumar Grover
16th January, 2011

14th January, 2011


I like your communication.
Sanjeev Kumar
1st November, 2010

BVP Vistar hetu national level par 2 program aayojit kiye jana chahiye 1- Sadsyata Vradhi Saptah jo may month me aayojit kiya jaye taki new Team kam kar sake 2- Shakha vistar Saptah jila samiti dwara prayojit kiya jaye taki jila star par pratiyogita ki bhavna peda ho BVP Bhavbhooti Shakha Dabra ne aayojan kiya saflta mili he aap bhi kare.

1-sadsyta 100% — 25 se 51
2-shakha vistar — 11gram samiti
Nishith Chaturvedi
23rd October, 2010

Sir, we want to do something special in our area so please suggest us how we do this work. Give us some guideline about below topic:-
1. Discussion on global warming.
2. Open an organization in our area under your jurisdiction.
Arun Sharma / Manoj Kumar
6th October, 2010

I am from batala (distt-gurdaspur). we are also active member of bharat vikas parishad. plz also attach yearly calendar along with site.
sonika sharma
26th September, 2010
(Response: The annual calendar of activities is now available on the website)

Sir, add some new national programmes accordingly to 21st era that the new generation will be attracted to our community.
Nishith Chaturvedi
22nd September, 2010

I think, to improve our communication in all over world, We should develop a community on orkut whose membership will be compulsory for all branches on which they can upload photos & summary of the activities happening in their branches by which other branches will be encouraged by them.
Nishith Chaturvedi
14th September, 2010
(Response: To begin with, BVP is now on the Facebook. Let us all join there to make this as a successful experiment)

New magazine is in good shape, attracting one and all.
5th September, 2010

I am Nishith Chaturvedi Secretary, Bharat Vikas Parishad, Bhavbhooti shakha, DABRA ,Distt. Gwalior M.P.

I feel so proud for my membership in bvp because this organisation gives us good culture & new life style. This changes our thoughts for poor & weak people.
Nishith Chaturvedi
18th August, 2010

I feel proud and full of happiness while visiting the BVP website.
Deepak Kumar,
Joint Secretary, B.V.P. Bokaro Thermal
11th August, 2010

My self Babita Sharma and I am doing freelancing for the various NGOs. I really like to join your Bharat Vikash Parishad because because I want to do live my life for a nobel cause…. and now I found the way and that is Bharat Vikash Parishad….

Please give me the chance to attach with Bharat Vikas Parishad. Thank you so much.
Babita Sharma
13th July, 2010

I’ve visited number of time at your office in sec. 24, Chandigarh & I really feel that something is going on. I’m from Chandigarh, i’ve done MSc (Info. Tech.) & i want be a part of your organization. So pls. guide me how can join your org.
29th June, 2010

I have received the Niti and thanks to editor for niti’s new claver.
Chandra Prakash Kalya
26th June, 2010

It was a pleasant surprise to see the entirely changed format of Niti, which can very well be compared to some of the good professional magazines. Please accept my heartiest congratulations for the great effort and continual improvement.
Pankaj Jindal
Addl.Secy. BVP Punjab North
6th June, 2010

I could not locate Membership List on the website. As mentioned in the latest issue of NITI, we have to download the list from the website and then update it. Please let me know how this can be done.
Alok C. Gupta
President, Bharat Vikas Parishad, Roorkee
6th June, 2010

ek deep se jalen anek…….the show must go on.
Puran Chand Sehgal
7th May, 2010

Vandematram……website is very good. I congratulate you and your Team. But my suggestion is for total Zone-wise Branches’ President & Secretary names & addresses. Thanks.
Rajan N. Jain
BVP Yuva Shakha Dundgarpur (RAJ SOUTH)
18th April, 2010

You are doing excellent job by updating the web site. Actual VIP sampark is done by this method.
dr s.n. harsh
national secretary
2nd April, 2010

Bharat Vikas Parishad is now 4 tiered organisation. The organisation is growing fast. But it appears that emphasis on quantity is getting weightage over the quality. The 4th tier introduced is zonal level organisation. But vacancies are created & filled by way of nominations i.e. Office bearers at zonal level are neither answerable to branch nor to the state. They have only to remain in good books of Central key office bearers. Their role for development of Parishad and / or their accessibility at branch and/or state level is mostly / usually overlooked while framing zonal executive.
This situation is giving rise to such an interrupting power nuclei within the Parishad which is neither connected to centre nor to the state. Most of the time zonal office bearers are interested in personal liking or disliking, irrespective of the well being of BVP. So is the case with executive members from a state. The rajya sabha type condition. No feed back is taken from branches or concerned state. If this situation is not attended properly in due time, its consequences will be like that of a leading political party in India.
Jagdish Prasad Sharma
31st March, 2010
(Comment: The Zonal Executive is the extended arm of the Centre and the zonal office bearers report to it.)

Today in the monthly meeting of BVP Vijaywada, I asked all members to browse BVP website. In evening I got pleasant feedback from a few members. I suggest branch office bearer to advise their members to see the website which is excellent.
S.N. Panda
Vijaywada, 21st March, 2010

I must congratulate you for the upgradation of BVP website.

It gives us great pleasure when we read on internet and print mental pictures of activities going on in our mother land.

We, outside India, feel extremely obliged. Please keep up the up-gradation efforts.
Jai Bharat .
Dr. P.N. Thapar
Hamilton, Canada
Sunday, 7th March, 2010

Details Regarding Criterion for best prant has been given in “News from Central Office”, which is still for the year 2008-09 instead of 2009-10, which is relevant to this year. Please consider incorporating the latest, since we are already sitting in February, 2010.
Pankaj Jindal
State Treasurer, Punjab North
23rd February, 2010

Much time and money is being spent by Indians for fuel and water which is available at their doorstep in form of free solar thermal energy and rain water. BVP can help Indians to harness free solar thermal energy and rain water which are 2500 and 4 times more than current energy and water need of India respectively.
BVP should do something to help people to get cheap solar thermal equipment like cooker, water heater, dryer and skylights. A 4 pot box type solar cooker of Rs 1,862 (MPUVN price) can save LPG of market price of RS 32,000 in its life of 10 years if used properly.
It should also teach us about rain water harvesting. India is uselessly wasting Rs 1,00,000 crore each year on fuel subsidy and spending similar amount on commercial and domestic water subsidy and results are still the worst. BVP please help India. Jai Bharat, jai swadesh.
Alok Sharma
22nd February, 2010

I am an active member of BVP & feel that the BVP is doing wonderful job all over the country, but i feel that our thrust must be for those tribals & backward population of tribal areas, where Christian Missionaries are working & converting these tribals to Christianity.
IBS Chauhan
13th January, 2010

I picked up your name from the uniform of two safai karamcharis on the Kanyakumari-Bangalore city express train(10th Jan,2010 starting from Thiruvananthapuram Bogey No B2) I was amazed at their dedicated service in spraying scented sanitizers and cleaning the floors efficiently during the journey. The quiet but noticeable service is commendable. I am sending this mail to you, hoping that yours is the organisation behind this service. Thank you for thinking of a better India!
S. Varghese
10th January, 2010


Our organisation is a secular one. Its programmes are for all the sections of Bharat without any discrimination. However for reasons unknown, the perception among certain sections is that BVP is for and by Hindus only. Unfortunately, this perception has gone into the minds of some of our own senior functionaries and grassroot members. This is a big blockage in our expansion plans. It is requested that steps be taken to eradicate this perception in the public as well as in our own minds.
Ravinder Mittal
29th December, 2009

Under National Executive Members: From Chairman Project Committees down, the list should be in alphabetic order based on project name. It is easier to locate that way.

The same is with the Zonal Office Bearers. One chronological sequence needs to be followed. Reason – easier to locate.

The same is with the Vikas Ratna and Vikas Mitra lists. Prant-wise Alphabetical list will be better to locate the names.
Neeraj Gupta
BVP National Secretary GVCA
24th December, 2009
(Response: For Vikas Mitra, zonal links provided. Also search engines added.)

I must appreciate the editorial team under your dynamic leadership for well designed, user friendly website, as it carries wealth of information about the activities of our Parishad all over India. We all in BVP parivar and others thank you for it. I, for one, very frequently visit it to keep myself update on various initiatives of the Parishad.
Surendra Nath Jain
21st December, 2009

Thanks for accommodating my earlier suggestion. Further, latest criteria for assessments of Prants for the year 2009-10 should be there since the one available on website is of 2008-09, so that the prant should follow the direction to accomplish the vision as laid down by the central office. It is imperative in the same spirit as a budget is required at the beginning of the year by the central office.
Pankaj Jindal
16th December, 2009

Congrats for a big improvement in the web site. It would be better if search engine may be provided at all possible areas, specially in the list of all India members and Vikas Mitras.
Also snaps of all the leadership should be placed in front of their name. |
Pankaj Jindal

10th December, 2009
(Response: “Search” facility provided)

Doing great service. vande matram.
where is ur office in chandigarh
anil rajpoot
6th December, 2009

Kindly provide the detailed report of BKJ every year after completion at national level ie. no. of zone, Pranth, team, children’s who have participated in various level.
KN Ramaraj Urs
7th November, 2009

Making the List of Members online is a very valiant attempt and was a need of the time. The PDF file should be page numbered and the list should be serial numbered.
Congratulations for the New Feature.
Surendera M. Bhanot
7th November, 2009

Congratulations! This in an excellent work of collecting all India BVP members together.
Tarun Goyal
Uklana Mandi, 1st November, 2009

Hats off to you on your achievements of making available the list of BVP members on the website.
Vaidyanathan Hariharan
Chennai, 25th October 2009

Excellent. Superb. You have further brought excellence in our website by giving list of all our members and linking it with very informative government sites.
CA. O P Kanoongo
Mumbai, 24th October, 2009

It is excellent idea having published names of members.
Raju CN N
Bangalore, 24th October, 2009

Many Congratulations…This is really a milestone for the future of Bharat Vikas Parishad.
All the team members deserve the dhanyavad from all the members in the country and the well wishers.
This list will solve no. of disciplinary and growth problems of the organisation, administrative, communication gap and financial loss for the organisation.
This is a great asset for us let us plan for its maximum utilisation to create confidence in the new members.
Zonal Secretary, Zone X
Alwar, 24th October, 2009

I frequently visit our website and find ours is one of the best, concise, informative, use-friendly, frequently updated websites. Our congratulations to you for the best website.
S.N. Jain
Convener, Vanvasi Sahayata Yojana, Delhi South
New Delhi, 19th October, 2009

Please correct the record regarding….(Bharat Vikas Mitra) at web site. Site is well maintained. Congratulations.
Hemant Kumar Gupta
Secretary, Madhu Vihar Branch
Delhi, 9th October, 2009

I can only say, that you are keeping the National Flag of our culture and patriotism flying, in your own humble way. God Bless BVP and You sir.
Joginder Singh, IPS (Retd.)
New Delhi, 22nd September, 2009

I feel very happy on visiting our BVP website.
Bharat Saraf
Kishangarh, 31st August, 2009

An excellent website. great effort. congrats. i think photos of all the national presidents in photo-gallery would make portrait-section more attractive.
Archana Singhal
Delhi, 20th August, 2009

 Is BVP linked in any way to VHP or RSS?
C.P. Joshi
20th August, 2009
(Response: Click here for the information.)

CONGRATS to you for upgrading the bvp website on the theory of “Continuous Improvement”.
SK Verma
Udaipur, 19th August, 2009

Making wonderful website.
If we can take front page photo of niti in our site every month that will be better.
Rajendra (Raju) S. Thakkar
5th August, 2009

I am very pleased and happy that you are updating all information of prant and national events to make us aware and well informed. Pl. keep it up. Thanking u and congratulations..
Rajkumar Maheshwari
President, Youth Branch, Bundi
(South-East Hadoti Prant)
Bundi, 4th August, 2009

I have just last month joined bvp mumbai central shakha. I have so far been very much influenced by its activities and would like to be vikas mitra. I have read all the current and past activities of bvp and they are very fruitful for our society. I would be interested to work for bvp. jai maharshtra jai bharat.
Vikram Chhabilkumar Jain
Mumbai, 22nd July, 2009

At outset, I must express our gratitude for excellent website and NITI. With my corporate experience, I would rate them as one of the best. A few days back, on Google search, for NGOs for tribal welfare in India, again, the web link of BVP was the best among all displayed. It filled with pride to be a member of the Parishad Parivar. The signature tune of website is very inspiring.
I am glad with your pro-active approach for BVP to reach out to our brethren not only in India but overseas too, the website is upgraded and new features added, from time to time. It provides what BVP stands for in lucid format. Another feature is recent uploading of Vikas Sandesh, though a few items, perhaps being at initial stage. The NITI, at National level, and Sandesh, at local level, helps us to emotionally come closer to the Parishad.
— I suggest, for your consideration, the entire Vikas Sandesh be uploaded. Within one year, this publication, too, has matured tremendously. This will be another value addition to sharing of ongoing in the Parishad and its sub-areas.
S.N. Jain
New Delhi, 18th July, 2009

I looked thr. bvp website and appreciate the regular update in it.
CA Kamlesh Kumar Agrawal
Lucknow, 15th May, 2009

The web site is of great use to us. Kindly see if the rules and procedures of NGSC, NSGC and Bharat Ko Jano can also be put on the WEB SITE.
Arvind Kumar Gupta
11th May, 2009
(Response: These are already included under “Projects / Programmes”.)

You legitimately deserve our appreciation for not only keeping the website updated but for adding new features from time to time.
Om Kanoongo
11th May, 2009

I am very pleased and happy that you are updating all information of prant and national events to make us aware and well informed. Pl. keep it up. Thanking u and congratulations.
Sanjeev Bhardwaj
Prant Gen. Sec. Raj. South
18th April, 2009

I have joined Bharat Vikas Parishad, Branch Dharwad after retiring from L I C of India as Divl. Manager last year. This year I have been assigned the responsibility of treasurer. I observe that BVP does’nt have membership of any Christian, Muslim .Why? Have they not tried for enrolment? It is good if they also join.
C B Jadhav
15th April, 2009
(Response: Quite a number of such brethren are not only members of the Parishad but are also working or have had worked at senior levels in the organisation.)

All branches status related to members’ bio data and branch strength and activity to be shown on the website which may be completed by Branch Secretary online using a code given by office.
Dr. Sanjeev Jain Kadanki
20th March, 2009

Thanks for improving BVP website. Further, if you mention e-mail ad. of office bearers of Prants, Zones, Central & others available, it will help contact each others. Hope you will consider it.
Ajai Narain Agarwal
Zonal Convener, Fin. Audit & Accounts, Zone-5
Kanpur, 12th March, 2009
(Response: Since provided.)

Today I have read the full details of BVP profiles / action plan / projects etc. I have been working with BVP from the last one year at Suratgarh Distt. Sriganganagar [Rajasthan] and I found these very useful.  Are details available in CD/ DVD?
V.K. Bhateja
Suratgarh, 27th February, 2009

Web is running good & smoothly……, it tells about national, state, branch level programs… Plz add some new project which can be performed at branch level….I know it requires lot of time to handle this website….continue with this hard work.
Tarun Goyal
27th February, 2009

Excellent reporting and up dating. The work is highly appreciable.
Keep it up.
dr. harsh
27th February, 2009

Thank you for your hard and sincere work. Keep it up.
Dr. Reeta Bhattacharya
26th February, 2009

I have gone through ur website. U r really doing a very good job. I want to join this organisation…..
Ruchi Goel
Panipat, 19th February, 2009

Extremely delighted to see & read our fully completed and updated website. So nice. Give website address on front page itself. Please keep it up. 
S. Ram Kishan Rao
10th February, 2009

BRAVO!!! You are doing terrific job for our motherland… Your job is nothing less than soldiers at the front: as you are bringing awareness to the people about greatness of our country… Keep on going…
28th January, 2009 

This website is an excellent initiative of “Bharat Vikas Parishad”. We must update it regularly to keep the world informed………

We need to add maximum youngsters in “Bharat Vikas Parishad” team nationwide. VANDE MATARAM……
Amit Malhotra
Bikaner, 27th January, 2009 

Bharat Vikas Parishad is actually a unique organisation having its different identity in society, only due to its projects, its members and their dedication for the cause. Hope it would prosper in days to come. Rajesh Kumar
25th January, 2009  

I have read our BVP’s website. It is really good and informative. I got so many new information through this website. Your work and task encourage me for social work. I think that we must visit this website frequently for our progress.  Once again, congrats for this precious task.
Rajesh Shyani 
Joint Secretary, BVP Mahavirnagar Branch, Ahmedbad, Gujarat
21st January, 2009

Through your esteemed website I came to know that you are working for handicapped children. I want to know whether you provide free limbs over here in Rajasthan? If yes, then plz mail your address as I have seen a 8-9 year old boy who has lost his leg only because of a doctor’s mistake. I don’t know much about him but still I want you to help that child as he may have to face many problems.
29th December, 2008
(Responded to Tamanna in affirmative. Incidentally, info is at following link: )

We are members of BVP for the last 3-4 yrs. BVP is known for sanskar. We think that  bvp site should be in Hindi (Rastrabhasha) if possible.
Harish Garg- Ravi Jain
14th December, 2008

This is a wonderful and very informative website. Please arrange to put the live MONTHLY REPORT FORMATS for Zones and Prants so that the reporting can be fast and assured.
R.P. Sharma
Zonal Secretgary, Zone X, BVP
Alwar, 11th December, 2008
(Response: Since added.)

मेरा सुझाव है कि हमारी राष्ट्र-भाषा मे भी वेबसाइट बनानी चाहिये, ताकि अधिक से अधिक लोगों तक परिषद के क़ार्यक्रमों एवं प्रकल्पों की जानकारी पहुंच सके.
रतन सुराणा
30th November, 2008 

Kudos to you for improving BVP Website to international standard and for your dedication in learning and then designing and then keeping it always updated. 
O. P. Kanoongo
Mumbai, 21st November, 2008

Really you are doing tremendous work now a days concerning updating of web site. There is no doubt that from now onwards more and more people will get complete and thorough information regarding the Parishad. Actually it is the need of the time. As far as my project VIP Sampark is concerned, this website is doing the work very efficiently. Thank you very much for the same.
I try to click the website daily as far as possible. 
Dr. Shyam Narain Harsh
National Secretary, VIP Sampark, BVP
17th November, 2008

I have gone through the BVP website. Its really a wonderful site. Thanks for maintaining the site updated. 
Bangalore, 10th November, 2008

Re: IRD Project on BVP Website – KALIWAS Tribal Village
Absolutely fabulous. Congratulations. Very proud. We should put all villages under development on the web site like this. Let people see it for themselves.
Dr. Shiv and Sarita Jindal
Canada, 27th September, 2008

I’ve just come to know about BVP through internet. I’m from Mauritius and I’m the President of Raashtriya Hindu Sena, a national organisation working for the Hidu community in Mauritius. I did my studies in Chandigarh from 1978 to 1981. I would very much like to keep in touch.
Dewan Quedou 
Mauritius, 4th September, 2008

Please kept CD of Bharat Ko Jano on net.
Rahul Malhotra
22nd August, 2008 

The website is really good and informative & I congratulate you & your team. Please try to include commendable work done by Branches and start a column activities of the month for the same in the website.
Anil Chordia
Pali Marwar, 22nd August, 2008

This web site is superb. …. If possible give full song of Jana Gana with translation.
Dr. Reeta Bhattacharya
Kolkota, 21st August, 2008
(Response: Since added.)

We want to down load the “Vande Mataram” audio from the BVP website. Please provide a link to download the Vandemataran Audio.
It would be great help.
Mahendra Singh
Erode TN , 19th August, 2008
(Response: Since provided.)

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY. Congrats! Website is improving day by day in its contents and presentations so fast. Keep it up.
S.K.Verma, IFS (Retd.)
Udaipur, 15th August, 2008

I congratulate the Indians all over the world on the Independence Day on behalf of BVP Branch Dinanagar, Punjab.
Dr R.Trikha
Dinanagar, 15th August, 2008

U have done very excellent job. Congrats.
Dr. Nitin Dalabh
Sambhal, 10th August, 2008

Vandematram. With time this site is improving. I am impressed with this hard work. Continue. Best wishes.
Tarun Goyal
Uklana Mandi (Hisar), 9th August , 2008

I agree with the assessment of excellent work. Its work speaks for itself. My best wishes and regards for further progress of BVP and its dedicated members.
Joginder Singh, IPS (Retd.) 
New Delhi, 5th August, 2008

I congratulate and salute you for the wonderful hard labour put in by you. … A prestigious, informative and useful work! … .. Could it be possible to display our audited balance sheet also as I feel the best part of the organisational image is the transparency of accounts.
Dr. Anil Kalia
Jalandhar, 5th August, 2008

I read the comment of ‘new website design’. I disagree. The design is very old typical type. The things have advanced so much that new graphical design should be in place. 
The design and the contents are so old and boring that the youth has alienated from the Bharat Vikas Parishad. The Idea is good. It must be presented in a much contemporary way. “Art of living” has the similar aims that of BVP, but they have attracted the youth a big way. I think BVP should deeply ponder over this and mend the ways to involve youth. Mere beating same line may not do. New ideas and modern thinking must be brought in to infuse the young blood in BVP. I think BVP has miserably failed in this regard.
Surendera M. Bhanot
31st July, 2008

I had seen the new website designed by you so labouriously from home. Congratulations and Badhaaee!!
Amulya Garabadu
Bhubaneswar, 31st July, 2008

It is a wonderful site – very well designed and full of information. I wish main activities of the Prants and Branches are also included in it.
Please arrange to publicise the site so that it is accessed by people. One way could be: all letters or publicity material originating from the Centre, Zone, Prant or even Branch level must carry the message” please visit our website: www……”
KB Mahajan
New Delhi, 13th July, 2008

Vandematram::: Website is very good. I congratulate you & your team for this achievement. It has lot of information.
I want that there should be information about branch level also, so that all of India becomes one. Every member should have this website. Thank u::
Tarun Goyal
12th June, 2008

I take this opportunity to express my joy for the excellent work done by you and your team for the web site of our Parishad. It has become a repository of lot of useful information.
Dr. Dhanush Dhari Misra
Bhubaneshwar, 6th June, 2008

Vandemataram. :: I am founder member of BVP Branch LADWA, District. KURUKSHETRA, HARYANA. …..
It is a great effort to organise that much data in a proper website dedicated to the morals and working of BHARAT VIKAS PARISHAD.:: CONGRATULATIONS to the team responsible to conduct the great job.
Deepak Singhal
19th May, 2008

Vandemataram. :: I have been given responsibility of State Organising Secy. Rajasthan West. After being out of touch with bvp for about 5 years and just now attended national workshop at Ahmedabad. :: I was required to up date myself about the developments in the last 4-5 years.
Going through the Parishad’s website I feel it will help me a lot to discharge my duties properly. :: Hats off to the people connected with the website preparing job. Keep it up. All the best.
Damodar Kansara
7th May, 2008

Web site me sabhi branch ki member list honi chaiye, :: Sabhi Members or sabhi Branchs ki E Mail ID par honi chaiye. Thanks.
Ramesh Gupta
4th May, 2008

bharat vikas prishad ki website update karne par aap ko bahut bahut badhai. jis lagan or mahnat se aap karya kar rahe ho ishwer se pararthna hi k aap bulandion ko chhue. or yeh dunia bahut chhoti lagne lage.
Ajay Gupta
7th April, 2008

I had immigrated to Canada with a heavy heart
BUT I feel so grateful to you and the creators of the website which I HIT UPON recently. It is very comprehensive in nature. VOW HALF OF MY REGRETS of leaving my motherland VANISHED. I am now in touch with my organisation so close to my heart and soul.
It is a fantastic job done for the people out of sight. PROFOUND THANKS. 
Canada, 10th March,2008

I have gone  through the site. It is fantastic.
Hats off to you and your team. Keep it up.
If you can recapitulate, I was insisting on such type of activity since last 8 years.
Dr. S.N. Harsh
Bikaner, 14th January, 2008

Thank you for your mail. I congratulate you for your selfless effort and promptness which you are showing for the BVP Web site.
I always take this opportunity and every time (though mentally) I give thanks and show my respect to you for giving us all information including the latest one, through this web site.
May God bless you give you sound health and happiness for the benefit of our society.
Reeta Bhattacharya
Kolkota, 13th January, 2008

BVP website is well done. Congratulations.
Dr. Shiv and Sarita Jindal
Canada, 13th January, 2008

Let me at the outset Congratulate for the efforts Central office has taken in revamping the entire site. The contents are really good and useful for members as well as public who visit our site.
I know as an organisation, we need to keep improving our working and this initiative is in the right direction.
As a next step you can make it interactive and a dynamic site. This will pave way for more members coming into contact on a daily basis. This will enhance SAMPARK. 
Once again accolades to your achievements. Regards.
R. Hariharan
Chennai, 11th January, 2008

Congratulation for the good work. I have seen the website. It is informative to the members as well as non-members. This website is good and not less than any professional bodies websites. Pl. update every day. Pl. provide information about the branches, their addresses, no of members, dues paid, dues outstanding to every body thru the site. Pl. provide facility of payments thru credit cards, thru net. We can add the following: (1).Our latest balance sheet; (2).News about the branches; (3).Direct membership by new members and after that branch will be allotted to the members on proximity criteria. (4) Niti and (5) Correspondence.
S.N. Murthy,
President, A.P. West, Hyderabad
8th November, 2007

Web site is really nice but Hindi language used in member’s Sankalp is very tough. Pl. make it simple so that any person with normal Hindi knowledge should understand it. Thanks.
Yogesh Bimbraw,
Secretary, BVP, Sirhind Branch
25th October, 2007

There are no words strong enough to truly capture and express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for what you have done. CONGRATS to you and your team for giving us a meaningful and well documented WEBSITE .This website is incredible and ‘par excellence’. I am extremely proud of you for imbibing the real values of science and technology.
Through several initiatives, you have silently launched a website for awareness building of members and visitors to BVP website by way of updating the achievements of various programmes of BVP Projects. …………… Let us work together for the success of mission of BVP.
S.K.Verma, IFS (Retd.)
Udaipur, 8th October., 2007

A dream has come true. 
New website is fantastically beautiful and informative. 
Congratulations for work done.
Parveen Kumar Garg
Gurgaon, 18 August, 2007

I have gone through the website of bvp. It is good but still it needs some
improvement . Actually It should have been in speaking order.
There should be guidelines as to how a branch of bvp may be formed
and how one can individual associate himself, membership fee,
central share etc. Further whether one can remit funds on
line; please give clear indication about the arrangement….
S.S Asthana
(while in USA), 2nd August , 2007