42nd All India National Group Song Competition : 2016-17 (Pune)

Forty Second National Group Song Competition of Bharat Vikas Parishad was held at Pune on the 12th November 2016. Out of 68 prants, as many as 52 prant teams took part in this year’s event. Teams from the prants – J & K to Kanyakumari and Gujarat to Assam were present.  

It was grand atmosphere where a picture of miniature India was seen and experienced. In these days different neighbouring states are disputing on water sharing issue, language issue etc. but students from these states unitedly sang patriotic songs from one platform of BVP.  Southern states are opposing the use of Hindi language and sometimes hate to speak in Hindi, but south Indian students sing Hindi patriotic songs on the forum of BVP with full enthusiasm. In the state like J & K where some people are averse to unfurling of Tricolor Indian National Flag but in NGSC competitions a team from J&K shouts and chants the slogan of ‘Bharat Mata KI Jai’ with a Tricolor National Flag in their hands. This unique scene of National unity is always experienced and observed on the platform of BVP.  

Competitions were held at a specious venue three star like hotel at Alandi. Fruitwale Dharmshala has a beautiful auditorium of 1000 capacity and 80 rooms where in all 800 students were accommodated for two days. National President Shri Sitaram Pareek, Chairman NGSC Shri S.K. Jain, Secretary NGSC Dr. Tribhuwan Sharma and Shri Vinod Shah were present for these competitions. 

The event was inaugurated by renowned industrialist Shri Abhaykumarji Firodiya. He stressed the need of inculcating national spirit in students and said that genuine secularism means Hinduism only.  He defined the meaning of word ‘Hindu’ as ‘हिं’ – means violence and ‘दू’- means unhappy.  Hindu always grieves due to violence. He admired the efforts taken by BVP to develop national integrity in young generation through different cultural programs and activities. Citing the example of Saint Dnyaneshwar he emphasized on gaining the real knowledge which is ‘Dnyan’.  

Prize distribution ceremony took place on 13th November 2016 in the presence of chief guest Dr. S.B. Mujumdar, Founder Director of Symbiosis Institute. He was highly impressed by the performance of different teams. He said that such cultural events are useful in protecting, preserving and propagating the moral values which are necessary for character building.  

This event was organized in Pune after 20 years. Pune branch of BVP hosted the same event of NGSC in the year 1996 when only 32 teams took part in the same. Coincidently, after 20 years 20 more teams participated in this event.  

Shri. Rajendra Jog was chief convener of NGSC.  National Additional Secretary General Shri. D. B. Chitale guided and monitored the management of the event. All participants and guests were extremely happy and satisfied with the arrangements.  S/Shri Prashant Bhogate, Lalit Sharma, Amit Thakkar, Aniruddha Todkar, Arati Sardesai, Atul Salagare, Shrinivas Kulkarni, Sachin Ganjve, Nitin Apte had taken lot of pains to make this event a grand success.  

A unique theme was offered to the teams by member families of BVP in Pune. On 12th November 2016 the dinner was served by each family to a particular team with a heritage sweet dish called puranpoli. All 52 teams were connected and linked to 52 families in Pune. Each family hosted the dinner to one team and they sat together and enjoyed the dinner with an informal family chat. A special bond was developed between the two. This scheme was highly appreciated by the students from different states. 

A separate competition for the songs in regional languages or in the mother tongue with folk dances of respective state was organized in the evening. Teams from different states presented their peculiar and traditional folk songs with variety of drapery and attires. 

In the end all seven fifty students held a small Tricolor National Flag in their hands and sang and chanted a common patriotic group song viz. ‘देश हमे देता है सबकुछ, हमभी तो कुछ देना सिखे’.

Following were the winning teams:  
Hindi Language Songs :
1) D. A. V. School, Amritsar (Punjab)
2) Public School, Panvel (Maharashtra Coastal)
3) R.D. Convent School, Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh)

Sanskrit Language Songs :
1) B.C.M. Arya School, Ludhiana (Punjab)
2) Rajkamal Sarswati Vidya MAndir, Dhanbad (Chttisgarh)
3) Krishna Public School, Raipur (Chhattisgarh) 

Regional Folk Songs :
1) Dynasty Modern Girukul (Uttarakhand East)
2) T.R.S. School (Rajasthan) 
3) Sampurn Kendriya Vidyalaya (Assam)