Shri B.P. Sinha, Retd. Chief Justice of Supreme Court became the first Chief Patron. Presently, the Parishad has a number of very distinguished and eminent personalities like  Shri Jagmohan, Justice M. Rama Jois, Justice S. Parvatha Rao, Justice  D.R. Dhanuka,  and Dr. Shiv Jindal  as its Patrons.


Shri Jagmohan


Justice M. Rama Jois


Justice S. Parvatha Rao


Justice D.R. Dhaunka


Dr. Shiv Jindal

Recent Past Patrons

Dr. Laxmi Mall Singhvi (9th November, 1931 – 6th October, 2007)
Chief Patron (Before that National President for 10 years)

Justice Hans Raj Khanna 
(3rd April, 1912 – 25th February, 2008)

Shri Govind Narain, ICS (Retd), Padma Vibhushan
(5th May, 1917 – 3rd April, 2012)

Shri S.K. Verma (born: 25th July, 1934)

Shri Ram Sharan Srivastava
(born: 2nd March, 1936)

Swami Satymitranand Giri Ji 
(20th September, 1931 – 25th June, 2019)
Chief Patron

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