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Be a partner in development of the Nation

Bharat Vikas Parishad is striving for the development of the Nation. You can also participate in this effort  by (a) becoming a member of Bharat Vikas Parishad, (b) enrolling yourself as a “Vikas Ratna” or “Vikas Mitra”  and (c)  donating for various sewa &  sanskar projects.

Donations to Bharat Vikas Parishad are eligible for income tax exemption under section 80-G of Income Tax Act. Donations may kindly be sent by cheque / demand draft in favour of Bharat Vikas Parishad, Bharat Vikas Bhawan, BD Block, Behind Power House, Pitampura, Delhi-110034.





Zone - 1
Zonal Chairman

Shri Ajay Datta


Zonal Secretary Shri S.N. Bihani  Fazilka
Zonal Organising Secretary Dr. Anil Kalia  Jalandhar
Zonal Convener, Sewa Shri Jaipal Gupta Kotkapura
Zonal Convener, Sanskar Shri Chander Mohan Sharma Phagwara
Zonal Convener, Sampark Dr.Santosh Gupta Jammu
Zonal Convener, Fin. Audit & A/Cs Shri K.M.S.Nambiar   Chandigarh
Zone - 2

Zonal Chairman

Prof. (Smt.) Avinash Sharma

Zonal Secretary  Shri Sudhir Verma   Ambala
Zonal Organising Secretary  Prof. Shyam Behari Garg Panipat
Zonal Convener, Sampark   Dr.Sudhir Garg Murthal
Zonal Convener, Sewa   Shri Ishwar Datt Aghi Rohtak
Zonal Convener, Sanskar Prof. R.K.Gaur Karnal
Zonal Convener, Fin. Audit & A/Cs Shri R.C.Goyal Sirsa
Zone - 3
Zonal Chairman Shri B.L.Parasher New Delhi
Zonal Secretary Shri Mahesh Chander Shrama New Delhi
Zonal Organising Secretary Shri Mahesh Sharma New Delhi
Zonal Convener, Sewa Shri Jagdish Lal  Anand New Delhi
Zonal Convener, Sampark Shri Mandan Lal Malik New Delhi
Zonal Convener, Sanskar Shri Shiv Shankar Nagar New Delhi
Zonal Convener, Fin. Audit & A/Cs Shri Santosh Kumar Garg New Delhi
Zone - 4
Zonal Chairman Er.V.K.Gupta


Zonal Secretary Shri Sanjeev Kumar Bansal Moradabad
Zonal Convener, Sampark Shri Jagdish Pd. Aggarwal Amroha
Zonal Convener, Sanskar Smt.Kusum Gupta Meerut
Zonal Convener, Sewa Shri Prem Prakash Arora Khurja
Zonal Convener, Fin. Audit & A/Cs Shri G.K.Mittal Dehradun
Zone - 5
Zonal Chairman Smt.Savitri Varshney


Zonal Secretary Shri Harinarayan Chaturvedi Agra
Zonal Organising Secretary Shri Mahesh Chander   Kanpur
Zonal Convener, Sanskar Smt.Rekha Dewan Agra
Zonal Convener, Sewa Shri Hari Ram Gupta Aligarh
Zonal Convener, Sampark Shri Alok Arya Agra
Zonal Convener, Fin. Audit & A/Cs Shri Ajay Narayan Agarwal      Kanpur
Zone - 6
Zonal Chairman Shri Brahmanand Peshwani


Zonal Secretary Shri Ravi Chandra Lucknow
Zonal Organising Secretary Shri Mahesh Chand Varanasi
Zonal Convener, Sanskar Shri Ram Kumar Maheshwari Varanasi
Zonal Convener, Sampark Shri Hridayesh Kumar Bajpai    Lucknow
Zonal Convener, Sewa Dr. Narendra Gupta Ramnagar
Zonal Convener, Fin. Audit & A/Cs Shri Puttu Lal Mishra Lucknow
Zone - 7
Zonal Chairman Shri Bimal Jain


Zonal Secretary Shri K.K.Sinha Dhanbad
Zonal Organising Secretary Shri G.P.Singh Durgapur
Zonal Convener, Sanskar Dr.R.K.Prasad Laheriasarai
Zonal Convener, Sewa Dr. Raj Ranjan Prasad Darbhanga
Zonal Convener, Sampark Prof. Ranjeet Kumar Verma Gaya
Zonal Convener, Fin. Audit & A/Cs Shri Desh Bandhu Gupta     Patna
Zone - 8
Zonal Chairman Dr.D.D.Mishra


Zonal Secretary Shri L.K.Mohanty Bhubneshwar
Zonal Organising Secretary Shri Pawan Kr. Jha Durgapur
Zonal Convener, Sampark Shri Rajiv Kumar Bilotia Kolkata
Zonal Convener, Sanskar Shri J.P.Mishra Bhubneshwar
Zonal Convener, Sewa Shri Nand Lal Singhania Kolkata
Zonal Convener, Fin. Audit & A/Cs Shri V.N. Purohit     Kolkata
Zone - 9
Zonal Chairman Shri Sarbeshwar Hazarika


Zonal Secretary Shri S.Chakravorthy     Guwahati
Zonal Organising Secretary Prof. Bina Bora Dibrugarh
Zonal Convener, Sampark Shri Santanu Naik Silcher
Zonal Convener, Sanskar Shri R.N.Bezbaruah Sibsagar
Zonal Convener, Sewa Shri Ramen Sharma Dhaligoan
Zonal Convener, Fin. Audit & A/Cs Shri S.L.Mittal 


Zone - 10
Zonal Chairman

Shri P.K.Jain


Zonal Secretary Dr. G.P.Bhatnagar  Bikaner
Zonal Organising Secretary &    
Convener, Sanskar Shri Sita Ram Goyal  Kota
Zonal Convener, Sampark Shri Om Prakash Gupta Jaipur
Zonal Convener, Fin. Audit & A/Cs Shri Arvind Goyal Kota
Zone - 11
Zonal Chairman Shri Malchand Garg Kishangarh
Zonal Secretary Shri Rishabh Surana Chittoregarh
Zonal Organising Secretary Shri Moti Lal Birawat   Bhilwara
Zonal Convener, Sampark Shri K.C.Gokani Jodhpur
Zonal Convener, Sewa Dr.Yudhisthir Trivedi    Banswara
Zonal Convener, Sanskar Smt. Santosh Godha Udaipur
Zonal Convener, Fin. Audit & A/Cs Shri V.M. Vyas Beawar
Zone - 12
Zonal Chairman Shri Arun Daga Gwalior
Zonal Secretary Shri Ashok Jadhav Dewas
Zonal Convener, Sampark Shri K.K.Bhatt Tikamgarh
Zonal Convener, Sanskar Shri Sharad Jain Indore                                      
Zonal Convener, Sewa Dr. V.D.Matele Jabalpur
Zonal Convener, Fin. Audit & A/Cs Shri Ajay Bansal Gwalior
Zone - 13
Zonal Chairman Shri Raj Kumar Bhagat Ahmedabad
Zonal Secretary Shri Vallabhbhai Ramani Ahmedabad
Zonal Organizing Secretary  Shri Haresh Bhai Trivedi Ahmedabad
Zonal Convener, Sanskar & Sewa Dr. Ajay Joshi Ahmedabad
Zonal Convener, Fin. Audit & A/Cs Shri Pankaj R. Shah Ahmedabad
Zone - 14
Zonal Chairman Shri Jayant J.Shah Mumbai
Zonal Secretary &    
Convener, Fin. Audit & A/Cs Shri Sampat Khurdia    Mumbai
Zonal Organizing Secretary  Smt.Mangla Savdikar   Nasik
Zonal Convener, Sanskar Shri S.G.Patankar Mumbai
Zonal Convener, Sewa Shri D.B.Chitale Pune
Zonal Convener, Sampark Shri S.N.Panda Pune
Zone - 15
Zonal Chairman Shri B.Ch.V.(Ashwani) Subba Rao Hyderabad
Zonal Secretary Shri Kasi V.Rao Hyderabad
Zonal Organizing Secretary  Shri K.V.Rama Rao Rajamundry
Zonal Convener, Sanskar Shri S.N.Kanchal Hyderabad
Zonal Convener, Sampark Air Vice Mashal P.Prakash Rao Hyderabad
Zonal Convener, Sewa Shri N.C.P.Kanungo    Hyderabad
Zonal Convener, Fin. Audit & A/Cs Shri Narpat Jain Vijayawada
Zone - 16
Zonal Chairman Shri Subbaram Shetty   Bangalore
Zonal Secretary Shri A.S.Natraj Bangalore
Zonal Organizing Secretary  Shri Hemant Deshpande Belgaum
Zonal Convener, Sanskar Shri Ravi Chakravarthy Bangalore
Zonal Convener, Sewa Shri K.M.Viraih Mysore
Zonal Convener, Sampark Principal V.N.Joshi Belgaum
Zonal Convener, Fin. Audit & A/Cs Shri S.A. Narayana Shetty Bangalore
Zone - 17
Zonal Chairman Shri V. Hari Haran Chennai
Zonal Secretary &    
Convener, Fin. Audit & A/Cs   Shri R.Hariharan Chennai
Zonal Convener, Sanskar Shri P.S.Gopinath Kochi
Zonal Convener, Sewa Shri S.C.Aggarwal Chennai



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