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Be a partner in development of the Nation

Bharat Vikas Parishad is striving for the development of the Nation. You can also participate in this effort  by (a) becoming a member of Bharat Vikas Parishad, (b) enrolling yourself as a “Vikas Ratna” or “Vikas Mitra”  and (c)  donating for various sewa &  sanskar projects.

Donations to Bharat Vikas Parishad are eligible for income tax exemption under section 80-G of Income Tax Act. Donations may kindly be sent by cheque / demand draft in favour of Bharat Vikas Parishad, Bharat Vikas Bhawan, BD Block, Behind Power House, Pitampura, Delhi-110034.





At present various branches of Bharat Vikas Parishad are running over 1,466 permanent projects whose activities are conducted on daily or weekly basis for the benefit of the society. 

These projects include Hospitals, Clinics, Physiotherapy Centres, Mobile Vans, Pathology Labs, Ultrasound Centres, Blood Banks, Educational Institutions, Training Centres, Libraries, Reading Rooms, Yoga Training Centres, Sanskar Kendra, Senior Citizens welfare Centres, Mukti Dhams, Legal Cells etc.



Bharat Vikas Parishad

  Hospital & Research Centre, Kota

The permanent projects can be broadly categorized in following areas:                                                    

    As on 31.03.2013
a) Educational  213
b)  Medical Care    419
c) Aid to Needy   417
d) Other Activities of Social Need 417
  Total  1,466



Ambulance service by Aahor Branch, Jalore, Rajasthan West


Click here for State(Prant)-wise details of the Permanent Projects
(72 page text in .pdf format)

Prant-wise distribution of Permanent Projects
(run on daily or weekly basis)

S.No.          Prant No. of Permanent     Projects                     Illustrative list of Projects


Jammu & Kashmir           14 Acupressure Centre,  Ayurvedic Dispensary,  Ambulance, 
Maintenance of Gardens, Marriage Bureaus (2), Water 
Hut at School


Himachal Pradesh       20

Viklang Punvarvas Kendra$$,  Physiotherapy Lab (2),
Dispensaries (2), Sewing Centre (6), Park Adoption,
Water  Huts (2), Mohabbadpur Village Development (involving adoption of multiple projects), Clinical Labs (4)

 03 Punjab North     148

Viklang Sahayata Kendra$$, Ambulances (5),
Clinical Labs (2), Dispensaries (5),  Physiotherapy Centres (3), Eye Bank (1),  Oxygen Bank,  Naturopathy Centre, Sewing Centre(10), Computer Centres (2), School, Adoption,  Reading Rooms (2), Caching Centre, Bal Sanskar Kendra (2), Praud Sanskar Kendra, Park Adoption, Water  Huts (6)

 04 Punjab South       19 Ambulances , Sewing Centres,
Medical Centres / Dispensaries, Eye Transplant Centre,
Park Development Projects, Blood Donation,
Bal Sanskar Kendras, Hearse, 
 05 Punjab East     122 Diagnostic Centre$, Clinical Lab,  Homeopathy Dispensary,
Water  Huts (6), Bal Sanskar Kendra,  Sewing Centre(3),
Students Welfare Centres (16), Mukti Dham (2) ,
Blood Donations Centres (3), BVP Bhavan (2)
 06 Haryana North       74 Ambulances (2), Sewing Centre(7), Clinical Labs (4),
Medical Centres / Dispensaries  - including mobile - (8),
Physiotherapy Centres (2), Diagnostic Centre,
Yoga Kendra (2), School Adoption, BVP Bhavan (2)
 07 Haryana South       29 Physiotherapy Centres (2), Clinical Lab, Dispensaries (2),
Sewing Centres (5), Mobile Repairs Training Centre,
Water Huts(7), School Adoption,
 08 Haryana West      22 Viklang Sahayata Kendra$$, Ambulance, Clinical Labs (2),
Dispensaries (2),  Reading Rooms (2), Sewing Centre(8),
Water  Hut,
 09 Delhi North       21

Viklang Sahayata Kendra$$, Viklang Punarvas Kendra,  Ambulances, Sewing Centres, Clinical Labs, Medical Centres / Dispensaries  - including mobile, Physiotherapy Centres, Diagnostic Centre, Yoga Kendra, School Adoption,

10 Delhi South       20

Ambulance, Eye Operations Project, Sewing Training Centre,  Dispensary,  Physiotherapy Centres,  Mobile Dental  Service, Literacy Classes, Bal Sanskar Kendra,
Mahila / Yuva / Yoga Centres, Computer Training Centre

11 Delhi East       18    
12 Uttrakhand West        07    
13 Uttrakhand  East         
14 U.P. West     42

Viklang Punarvas Kendra$$, Dispensaries, Yoga Kendras, Water Huts, Rain Water Harvesting Projects, Eye Bank,  Telepathy Medical Centre, Senior Girls School, School Adoption, Diagnostic Centre, Free OPD,  Acupressure Centre, Immunization Project, Gaushala, Sewing Training Centre,  Crafts Training Centre, Vanvasi Students Education, Computer Training Centre, English Speaking Centre, Medicines to Leprosy Patients, Legal Assistance, Public Conveniences, Coaching Centres, Creation Grounds, Hearse

15 Rohilkhand       26

Viklang Sahayata Kendra, Dispensaries, Ambulances, Vivekanand Statue & Park, Rain Water Harvesting, Blood donation, Sewing Training Centre,
Munshi Premchand Library, Blood Banks, Creation
Ground, Ghanta Ghar & Chowk Maintenance

15a Hastinapur 64    
16 Braj Pradesh       54 Ultrasound Centre, Oxygen Bank, Creation Ground,
Dispensaries, Reading Room, Schools Adoption (3),
Statues of Vivekananda and Bharat Mata, Waiting Room
for Travelers, Sewing Training Centre, Water Huts (10),
Mahila Lok Adalat, Village (Nagla Padam) Adoption,
Beds Provision,  Viklang Punarvas Centre, Gaushala,
Fruits Distribution in Hospitals
17 Bundelkhand         7    
18 Brahmavart       19 Viklang Punarvas Kendra, Bal sanskar Kendra (3),
Dispensaries (5), Schools (2), Library, Ambulance, Park Maintenance, Yoga Kendra, Water  Huts, Creation Ground , Health Clinic,
19 Avadh Pradesh        36 Viklang Punarvas Kendra, Dispensaries (5), Schools (2),
Library, Legal Consultation Centre, Senior Citizens Welfare Centre, Water  Huts (3), Creation Ground
20 Kashi Pradesh        22    
21 Prayag            
22 North Bihar       24      
23 Koshi Bihar      
23  Magad Bihar       5    
24 South Bihar        5 Viklang Sahayata Kendra$$  
25 Jharkhand       11 Dispensaries  
26 Orissa       99 Blood grouping & Blood Donors Mission, Bharat Vikas Udyan, Rural Development Projects (8), Naturopathy Centre, Park Maintenance, Sewing Training Centres (2), Home for the Elderly, Hospital Beds for Poor, Hearse  
27 West Bengal, Sikkim, Andaman & Nicobar       26 Vision Centres (2), Homeopathy Dispensary, Weekly Eye Camp, Weekly Dental  Camp, School Adoption, (4),  Village Development, Stipend to Students,  Assistance to Widows  
28 Assam       15

Viklang Sahayata Kendra$$, Computer Training Centre, Wire Mesh Training Centre, Tailoring Training Centres (2), School,  Health Care Centre, Vision centre, Oxygen Cylinder Service, Homeopathy Dispensary, Weaving Service Centre, Temple adoption, Park Adoption, Purified Drinking Water at Hospital

30 Tripura         1    
31 Rajasthan North        33

Dispensaries (3), Water Huts  (4), Tree Plantation, Tailoring Training Centre (3), Immunization Project,

32 Rajasthan North East       12  


33 Rajasthan East       14 School Adoption Projects (6), Ambulance, Mobile Dispensary,  Medicines Bank, Water Huts (5), Passengers Waiting Room,
Creation Grounds Maintenance (2) ,


34 Rajasthan South East       30

BVP Hospital & Research Centre, Kota#,  Viklang Sahayata Kendra$$, Dispensaries (4),  Ambulances (2), Pathology Labs (2), Free Medicine Centre (2), Gardens / Parks (8), Water Huts (25), Tailoring Training Centre, Mukti Dham (Cremation Grounds) (20), Nursing Training Centre,School for Beggars

35 Rajasthan West       32

BVP Diagnostics & Radiology Centre, Jodhpur@,
Viklang Sahayata Kendra$$, Pathology Labs (2), Ambulances (2), Physiotherapy Centre, Medicine Shop, Dispensaries (2),  Ayurvedic Hospital, Mobile Medical Van, School Building, Garden Maintenance, Water Huts (2), Bus Stand Shelter Shed, Martyrs Circle

36 Rajasthan Central       33

Reading Rooms / Libraries (5), Water Huts, Maternity Centre, Fruits Distribution in Hospitals, Eye Clinic, Social Reconciliation Centre, Birds Feeding Centres (2), Blood Bank (2) , Mobile Vans for Patients (5), Hearse,  Yoga Training Centre, Emergency Medicine Bank, Sanskar Kendra, Passengers Rest House, Sanskrit College, Viklang Computer Training Centre, Drains Repairs Project, Acupressure Centre, Dispensaries - including Mobile (3), Gardens / Parks (3), Mukti Dham  (Cremation Grounds Maintenance) (5)

37 Rajasthan South       80

Ambulances (5) , Clinical Labs, Dispensaries, Ambulances, Water Huts (7), Tree Plantation and Tree Guards, Village Adoption, Statues of National Heroes (3), Veterinary Hospitals, Pathology Labs (2), Water Huts for Animals (3), Reading Rooms, Food Distribution in Hospitals, School Adoption

38 Madhya Bharat West        12 Viklang Sahayata Kendra$$  
39 Madhya Bharat North        28 Free OPD Centres (2), Mobile Van, Acupressure Clinic,
Yoga Kendra, Garden Maintenance (2), Water Huts (2),
Sanskar Kendra
40 Mahakaushal     03      
41 Chattisgarh      
42 Gujarat North        5    
43 Gujarat Central       15 Viklang Sahayata Kendra$$  
44 Maharashta-1 (Coastal)         11

Dispensaries (4), Vidya Mandir School (Students: 4,000),
School for Mentally Challenged Children, Schools Adoption (3), Tailoring Training Centre, Free Medicine Centre, Acupressure Centre, Gaushala  

45 Maharashtra-2         03 Viklang Sahayata Kendra$$  
46 Goa      
47 Andhra Pradesh West         18    
48 Andhra Pradesh East        14 Viklang Rehabilitation Centre$$  
49 Karnataka North        02    
50 Karnataka South


Schools (2), Govt. Primary School Adoption, Slum Development Project  
51 Kerala & Lakshadweep


Dispensaries (2), Tree Plantation (2), Medical Care of Students  in Schools (3), Supply of Books in Schools (2), Swami Vivekananda Statue,



Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry    06 Viklang Rehabilitation Project  




  $   Diagnostics Centre at Chandigarh provided diagnostic and treatment facilities to over 2.45 lakh patients during 2012-13.
 #  Super Specialty Hospital
at Kota, spread over 40,000 square feet, annually treats over 1.13 lakhs patients during 2012-13.
 Bharat Vikas Parishad  Diagnostic & Radiology Centre, Jodhpur provides diagnostic  facilities to over 40,000 patients        
$$ Viklang Sahayata Kendras - Centres for Assistance to Physically Challenged: A  total of 13 centres in various Prants / States, along with Branches, provide artificial limbs and other aids to about 18,000 handicapped persons every year.   

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