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44th All India National Group Song Competition : 2018-19 (Hyderabad)


The 44th All India National Group Song Competition NGSC-2018 was held at Hyderabad on 2nd December,2018. Aptly named as SWARA BHARATHI  and hosted by BVP Telangana Prant, the event was a grand success with active participation from one and all.

All the  seven winning teams from the seven Regions of BVP participated enthusiastically by rendering patriotic songs in Hindi, Sanskrit and Folk songs wearing colourful and traditional attire. Apart from the participating teams that include students, instrumentalists, teachers & few parents, a large number of BVP Office Bearers from Central Office and all the Regions (including the National and Regional Secretaries of Host Region) were present for the event. Added to this, there were large number of students, teachers, parents and invitees from local schools and other organisations. The entire Sardar Patel Hall wore a grand festive look with its “ House Full “ audience of nearly 650 people. 

The Inaugural Session in the morning was presided by  National Secretary General Sri Ajay Dutta. Justice Dr B.Siva Sankara Rao, Honourable Judge of AP & Telangana High Court was the Chief Guest and Smt Abhilasha Bisht, (IPS) IGP of Telangana was Guest of Honour. Other dignitaries on the dais included our National President Dr S.C.Gupta, National Co-ordinator Sri Sitaram Pareek, National NGSC Chairman Sri D.B.Chitale, Regional Patron(South) Sri Aswini Subba Rao and Host Prant President Sri Chinta Prakash.

The programme started with Deep Prajwalan – the traditional lighting of the lamp by Chief Guest and other dignitaries, followed by singing of Vande Mataram. After a brief welcome address by  Sri Chinta Prakash, Sri Ajay Dutta talked about activities of BVP in general and NGSC Programme in particular. In his speech, the Chief Guest Justice Siva Sankara Rao  stressed upon the importance of preserving Bharatiya Sanskriti at all costs and lauded the efforts of BVP in this direction.  The Inaugural Session got concluded with Sri P.Narender Krishna, General Secretary of Host Prant proposing the vote of thanks. 

The main session of Group Song Competition was co-ordinated by National NGSC Secretary Dr. Tribhuwan Sharma and his team. All the seven teams , appearing in very colourful and traditional attire, presented their melodious patriotic songs in Hindi, Sanskrit and Folk  categories . At the end of the songs session, National NGSC Chairman Sri D.B. Chitale gave his observations and feedback on the proceedings.  

Towards the end, the Valedictory & Prize Distribution Ceremony was presided by National President Dr Suresh Chandra Gupta. Sri Raj Kumar Singh, Honourable Union Minister for Power, Govt of India graced his presence as the Chief Guest of the function.  Sri R.P.Singh,IPS Special D.G (C.R.P.F) and Dr A.Satyanarayana, M.L.A of Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh were the two Guests of Honour.  Other dignitaries on the dais included National Secretary General Sri Ajay Dutta, National Organising Secretary Sri Suresh Jain, National V.P. (South) Sri Ramesh Chand Jain and National Addl Secretry General Sri D. Purushottam Shastry.

After a brief welcome note by Sri Ramesh Chand Jain, Sri Suresh Jain introduced the Chief Guest and other Guests of Honour to the audience. Dr Suresh Chandra Gupta spoke about BVP principles, projects and forthcoming initiatives. In his address, the Chief Guest Sri Raj Kumar Singh explained the importance of inculcating the feelings of nationalism and patriotism among the general public and youth in particular. He was all praise for BVP for carrying out programmes such as NGSC and BKJ which are helping to a lot in achieving this objective. The session got concluded with vote of thanks by Sri D.Purushottam Shastry.

And finally, prizes were presented to all winning teams by the Chief Guest and other dignitaries on the dais.  

List of Prize Winners: 

1.      Hindi Songs:

-          1st Prize : D.A.V Senior Secondary School, Amritsar from NORTH Region

-          2nd Prize: Central Academy Sr Secondary School , Bhilwara from CENTRAL Reg’n

-          3rd Prize: Delhi Public School, Ranchi, Jharkhand from  EAST Region 

2.      Sanskrit Songs:

-          1st Prize: MES Bal Sikshan Mandir English Medium School, Pune from WEST Reg’n

-          2nd Prize: Central Academy Sr Secondary School, Bhilwara from CENTRAL Region

-          3rd Prize: Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya, Agarthala,Tripura from NORTH EAST  

3.      Folk Songs :

-          1st Prize: MES Bal Sikshan Mandir English Medium School, Pune from WEST Reg

-          2nd Prize: Sri Vishwa Vidyalaya Higher Sec. School, Chennai from SOUTH Region

-          3rd Prize: Sarla Chopra DAV Public School, NOIDA from NORTH CENTRAL Region

 All the winning teams received Trophy for the School/Team and individual Mementos for each student and instrumentalist. In addition, “Certification of Appreciation” was also given to all the participants and winners. The mega event got concluded with rendering of National Anthem.

                                                                                - Report by Shri Chinta Prakash




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