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Be a partner in development of the Nation

Bharat Vikas Parishad is striving for the development of the Nation. You can also participate in this effort  by (a) becoming a member of Bharat Vikas Parishad, (b) enrolling yourself as a “Vikas Ratna” or “Vikas Mitra”  and (c)  donating for various sewa &  sanskar projects.

Donations to Bharat Vikas Parishad are eligible for income tax exemption under section 80-G of Income Tax Act. Donations may kindly be sent by cheque / demand draft in favour of Bharat Vikas Parishad, Bharat Vikas Bhawan, BD Block, Behind Power House, Pitampura, Delhi-110034.




Important National Events / Programmes


In Earlier Years>>

During 2015-16
  • National Governing Board  held its annual meeting at Faridabad (Haryana South) (27-28 February, 2016)
  • Mahila Karyakarta Workshop South (Zones 15-17) held at Chennai (Tamil Nadu)
    (23-24 January, 2016)
  • Zonal Conferences
    i Zonal Conference: Zones I - 13 December, 2015 - Jalandhar (Punjab North)
    ii Zonal Conference: Zone II - 20 December, 2015 - Safidon (Haryana West)
    iii Zonal Conference: Zone III - 27 December, 2015 - Delhi
    iv Zonal Conference: Zones IV to VI - 26-27 December, 2015 - Sahibabad (UP West)
    v Zonal Conference: Zones VII to IX - 03 January, 2015 - Kolkata (West Bengal)
    vi Zonal Conference: Zone X - 26-27 December, 2015 Alwar (Rajasthan North East)
    vii Zonal Conference: Zone XI - 26-27 December, 2015 - Jodhpur (Rajasthan West)
    viii Zonal Conference: Zone XII - 09-10 January, 2016 - Ujjain (Madhya Bharat West)
    ix Zonal Conference: Zone XIII - 10 December, 2015 - Amdavad (Gujarat Central)
    x Zonal Conference: Zone XIV - 30-31, January, 2016 - Nagpur (Maharashtra 2)
    xi Zonal Conference: Zones XV to XVII - 26th  January 2016 - Vijajayawada (Andhra Pradesh)
  • National Workshop of All Office Bearers of Trusts and Societies of BVP held at Kota
    (25-26 July, 2015)
  • Kshetra wise National Level Workshops (April – May 2015)
    North (Zones 1-5): 25-26 April,2015; East (Zones 6-9) :  02-03 May, 2015
    West (Zones 10-14) : 02-03 May, 2015; South (Zones 15-17):  18-19 April,2015
  • Meetings of the Apex Body were held on: 12th April, 2015 and 26th February, 2016

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