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Be a partner in development of the Nation

Bharat Vikas Parishad is striving for the development of the Nation. You can also participate in this effort  by (a) becoming a member of Bharat Vikas Parishad, (b) enrolling yourself as a “Vikas Ratna” or “Vikas Mitra”  and (c)  donating for various sewa &  sanskar projects.

Donations to Bharat Vikas Parishad are eligible for income tax exemption under section 80-G of Income Tax Act. Donations may kindly be sent by cheque / demand draft in favour of Bharat Vikas Parishad, Bharat Vikas Bhawan, BD Block, Behind Power House, Pitampura, Delhi-110034.






Bharat Vikas Parishad has launched  "Green India Project" under which 150 to 300 trees are planted by each of its branches. Similarly each branch has to distribute 150 to 300 sacred plants like Tulsi for homestead planting in urban colonies.



This programme is being monitored regularly.  During the year 2016-17 our branches planted 78,438 lakhs plants and distributed 64,453 Tulsi plants - a total of 1.43 lakhs.

Grow Trees without Tree Guards
By S.K.Verma IFS (Retd.)

You can plant the following trees and shrubs and climbers.

1 Kaner Gulabi NERIUM ODORUM Syn. N. indicum
2 Kaner Peeli /pita kaner
Yellow Oleander
THEVETIA PERUVIANA Syn Thevetia nerifolia (Hin
3 Parkinsonia Parkinsonia
4 BOUGAINVILLEA Boughanvillea
6 Mehndi LAWSONIA INERME Syn. L alba
7 YELLOW ELDER TECOMA STANS Syn. Stenolobium stans, Bignonia stans
8 POINSETTIA / Lal pate EUPHORBIA PULCHERRIMA Syn. Pionsettia Pulchenima
9 Sudarshan  
10 Sada Bahar Vinca minor
12 Eucalyptus Eucalyptus tereticornis
13 Karanj Pongamia pinnata Syn. P. glabra
14 Rubber Plants  
15 Palash Butea monosperma
16 Thuja  
17 Champa  
18 Ramdhan Champa



Annual Environment Targets  

1. Harit Bharat Balgokulam      


2. Tree Plantation  
3. Tree Guard (With a plate of 1’x1’ on which Bharat Vikas Parishad must be written)  
4. Gullak (Piggy Bank) Distribution for Plantaion                                 
5. Distribution of sacred plant e.g. Tulsi                      
6. Environment Seminar           
7. Special Projects as per  requirement of the region:
  • Roof Top Water Harvesting
  • Prevention of Landslides in Hills by sowings and planting
  • Improvement of cremation grounds
  • Wood-saving devices in cremation grounds
  • Anti-polythene Drives
  • Cloth Bag Distribution
  • Environment Awareness Programmes
  • Environment Rally
  • Environment Based Essay Competition
  • Environment Based Speech Competition
  • Environment Based Song Competition
  • Environment Based Quiz Competition
  • Distribution of Pamphlets of Water Conservation and Environment Protection
  • Display of Hoardings of Water Conservation and Environment Protection in schools
1. Organization of One-Day State Level Environment Workshop (Click here for Suggestive Programme )      
2. One Session on Environment in State Level Dayitva - Bodh Karyashala
3. One Session on Environment in State Level Sanskar Shivir  


Harit Bharat Balgokulam 

Harit Bharat Balgokulam is just like an Eco-club. This event will be started in schools / colleges / universities. The program will be started by a talk of SMS (subject matter specialist). An iron framed flex (size 8’x4’) will also put on some important location of the school / college / university. Some eco-friendly suggestions will be given on the flex.


The branch may execute the project by taking following steps: 

A.   The proposal of opening of Harit Bharat Balgokulam may be discussed & passed in the executive meeting of the branch.

B.    The same must also be communicated to all members in the general meeting of the branch.

C.   A letter will be written to the Principal / Director of school / college / university of your area for opening of Harit Bharat Balgokulam. The Principal / Director of school / college / university will also suggest the names of Patron / President / Secretary of the Harit Bharat Balgokulam. (Click for the specimen letter)

D.   The approx. cost of the flex is Rs. 1000. This amount can be donated by President / Secretary / Treasurer / Office-bearers / competent members of the branch. The name of the donor will be printed on the flex. The letter may be sent to Banks / Insurance companies / commercial houses of the area for collection of this donation. (Click for the specimen letter)

E.    An opening ceremony of Harit Bharat Balgokulam may be organized in school/ college/university. A talk will be delivered by  SMS on environment in the ceremony. Some V.I.P. may also be invited as Chief guest / Special Guest for the ceremony.

F.    The oath of environment protection will be given to all students present in the function by SMS / Chief Guest.

G.   Plantation  program can also be organized at the time of opening of Harit Bharat Balgokulam.

H.   Some environment based programes as Anty-Polythene Rally, environment based speech, essay, slogan, and poem competitions may be organized in the school / college / university on the banner of Harit Bharat Balgokulam during Sanskriti Saptah.

Benefits of the Harit Bharat Balgokulam

1.     The name of Bharat Vikas Parishad will become popular among teachers, students and parents.

2.     The other programs of Sanskar & Sewa can also be easily organized in the school.

3.     The event will give a good name & fame in the society

4.      It will be easier for the branch to run the new membership drive.

                Action by the Branches

1.     All branch must open Harit Bharat Balgokulam in minimum 5 school/ college/university of their area.

2.    The branch, who will open maximum number of Harit Bharat Balgokulam, may be awarded National Environment Award this year.

3.    The information of opening of Harit Bharat Balgokulam must be given to National Secretary, Environment  with appropriate photographs. 

Financial Management 

1. The approx. cost of the flex is Rs. 1000.

2. This amount can be donated by President/Secretary/Treasurer/ Office-bearers/ competent members of the branch.

3. The name of the donor will be printed on the flex.

            4. The letter may be sent to Banks/Insurance companies/commercial houses of the area for collection
of this donation.




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