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The Project   

Rules and Curriculum

उद्देश्य एवं पाठ्यक्रम

"Bharat Ko Jano" Online Competition

Sample Forms-English

नमूना प्रपत्र


All India Bharat Ko Jano Programmes (2001 to 2008)

Eighth All India Bharat Ko Jano Competition
All India Bharat Ko Jano Competition was held at Fazilka (Punjab) on the 10th-11th January, 2009. A record number of 40 Prants sent their teams for participation in this Competition - Senior: 37 teams and Junior: 34 teams.



Dignitaries presiding over the function 


Winning teams with their prizes

Sardar Vikram Singh Majeethia, Information Minister, Government of Punjab was the Chief Guest at the function.

Following are the results of the competition:

Junior Category:
First:  Saint Michael Higher Sec. School, (Satna Branch, Mahakaushal)  - Anshu Gautam & Aakash Sharma      
Second: B.B.Sarswati Shishu Mandir, (Varun Branch, Kanshi Pradesh) - Shubham Srivastav & Pratik Tiwari                      
Third: C. K. Mehta Vidyalaya (Palanpur Branch, Gujarat North) - Modh Deep & Gujjar Manaan

ior Category:     
First:  Varun Public Sr. Sec. School (Jodhpur Marwar Branch, Rajasthan West) - Sandeep Bhandari & Mukand Soni      
Second:  Dashmesh Public School (Faridkot Branch, Punjab South) - Nikhil Mahajan & Saurabh Agarwal
Third: Guru Gobind Singh Pub School Chas (Bokaro South Br, Jharkhand) - Rishant Kumar Rai & Rahul Kumar Mishra
Following Prants obtaining first three places in "Largest Participants of students" contest were also felicitated:
First: Punjab North
Second: Rajasthan Central
Third: Avadh & Goraksh
Similarly, following Prants were facilitated for distributing maximum number of "Bharat Ko Jano" books: (1) Punjab East and (2) Rajasthan South.

 More pictures of the programme can be seen at


Seventh All India Bharat Ko Jano Competition

Seventh All India Bharat Ko Jano Competition was held at Ludhiana (Punjab) on the 5th and 6th January, 2008.  A total of  74 teams  (Junior: 36; Senior: 38) from 38 Prants participated which was was the highest number of participating teams so far.

Smt. Laxmi Kanata Chawla, Health Minister, Government of Punjab and Dr. Manjeet Singh, Chancellor, Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana graced the function.

Results of the Competition were as under:

Junior Category:

First Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Guwahti (Assam West)
Second Dashmesh Public School, Faridkot (Punjab South)
Third  D.N. Model School, Jind (Haryana West)
  Senior Category:                      
 First Varun Public School, Jodhpur (Rajasthan)
Second  Delhi Public School, Dhanbad (Jharkhand)
Third Model Basic High School, Sunam (Punjab East)

At the award ceremony held on 6th January, 2008, Dr. Vijay Kumar Taneja, Chancellor, Guru Angad Veterinary and Animal Sciences University and Shri V.K. Goel, Industrialist  were  the guests  of honour.

Team from Khurja  (UP West) which stood first in Junior category in the First All India
Bharat Ko Jano Competition held in January, 2002

Sixth All India Bharat Ko Jano Competition 

               Year                                                                   2006-07          

               Date                                                                   13-14 January, 2007

               Venue                                                                Jodhpur    

               Organising Prant                                             Rajasthan  West

               Prants participated                                         38

               Teams participated
               (a)  Senior                                                        30
               (b)  Junior                                                        35
                       Total                                                        65

               Teams winning  First place:
               (a)  Junior                                                           Rajasthan West
               (b)  Senior                                                          Haryana West 

               Chief Guest                                                        Shri K.C. Jain, Sandeep Foundation,

Fifth All India Bharat Ko Jano Competition 

               Year                                                                   2005-06          

               Date                                                                   11.01.2006

               Venue                                                                 Dhubri (Assam)    

               Organising Prant                                              Assam & Meghalaya

               Prants participated                                           26

               Teams participated
               (a)  Junior                                                          23
               (b)  Senior                                                         26
                        Total                                                        49

               Teams winning  First place:
               (a) Senior                                                           Punjab South
               (b) Junior                                                           Jammu & Kashmir 

Fourth All India Bharat Ko Jano Competition 

               Year                                                                   2004-05          

               Date                                                                   19.01.2005

               Venue                                                                 Delhi    

               Organising Prant                                               Delhi North

               Prants participated                                           38

               Teams participated
               (a)  Junior                                                          38
               (b)  Senior                                                         35
                       Total                                                         73

               Teams winning  First place:
               (a) Junior                                                            Haryana South
               (b) Senior                                                           Madhya Bharat East

Third All India Bharat Ko Jano Competition 

               Year                                                                     2003-04          

               Date                                                                     11.01.2004

               Venue                                                                  Mumbai    

               Organising Prant                                                Maharashtra I

               Prants participated                                            25

               Teams participated
               (a)  Junior                                                           24
               (b)  Senior                                                          24
                       Total                                                          48

               Teams winning  First place:
               (a) Junior                                                            Haryana South
               (b) Senior                                                           Haryana North

               Chief Guest                                                        Shri P.K. Tayal, Chairman, Bank of


                Notable feature                                                Computers were used for the first time.
 All the questions were displayed on the computers kept in front of the teams as well as the audiences.  

Second All India Bharat Ko Jano Competition 

               Year                                                                   2002-03          

               Date                                                                   12.01.2003

               Venue                                                                Ajmer    

               Organising Prant                                               Rajasthan South

               Teams participated
               (a)  Junior                                                          20
               (b)  Senior                                                         18
                       Total                                                         38

               Teams winning  First place:
               (a) Junior                                                            Haryana South
               (b) Senior                                                           Rajasthan South

               Chief Guest                                                        Shri M.L. Mehta, Retd. Secretary,
               Government of Rajasthan       

First All India Bharat Ko Jano Competition 

               Year                                                                    2001-02          

               Date                                                                    20.01.2002

               Venue                                                                 Delhi    

               Prants participated                                           17

               Teams participated
               (a)  Junior                                                          17
               (b)  Senior                                                         16
                       Total                                                         33

               Teams winning  First place:
               (a) Junior                                                           U.P. West
               (b) Senior                                                          Rajasthan South 

               Chief Guest                                                       Shri Suresh Chander Agarwal


Rules and Curriculum Sample Forms-English
उद्देश्य एवं पाठ्यक्रम नमूना प्रपत्र

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